Dhow Cruise At Marina

If you are in Dubai, the Dhow Cruise at Marina is something that you cannot miss. It is one of the most entertaining options and something that will thoroughly thrill you. You get to ride on a boat; the Marina Glass Boat which is a great way of getting a taste and view of the scenic views that are over the Dubai City skyline and the Persian Gulf shoreline.

Dhow cruise at Marina is a luxurious opportunity of sightseeing and it offers different views of the city including the Jumeirah Beach Residences and the amazingly high international hotels that you get to see. You also get to experience the wild beaches and some of the best private beaches in Dubai. What’s even more in a store is that as a part of the dhow cruise at marina, you get to experience the palm Jumeirah and Atlantis hotel first hand.

If you have finally made up your mind about the dhow cruise at marina, you might want to know the price set and packages. The dhow cruise at marina is available at the following prices: AED 185 per person for two individuals, AED 180 per person for 4 people, AED 170 per person for 8 people and AED 160 per person for 10 people. The package includes pick and drop only from Dubai and other additional as well such as a welcoming drink on arrival, a very romantic ambiance at the show, a  nice dinner that offers international and Asian cuisines, live entertainment and a punch of Tanura shows, unlimited soft drinks, coffee, juice, and tea. Lastly, this incredible experience will be followed by a fully air-conditioned upper deck and lower deck.

The dhow cruise marina is something you cannot miss if you are in Dubai for obvious reasons. As a part of the cruise, you not only get to experience Dubai first hand but also enjoy a great dinner at the end. You are bound to enjoy yourself when you are on the cruise and there will not be a moment that goes by without you counting your blessings while you are watching the dhow cruise at marina.

You will walk away a guaranteed customer while you are at dhow cruise at marina because you will not only experience the city first hand but also have the time of your life enjoying hand crafted cuisines there.

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