Diablo 3 – Farming Inferno Efficiently To Level Paragon

So you just hit Level 60 and you’re not sure what to do next? You know Inferno’s coming up and you’ve heard some really horrible things about the difficulty, how hard it is, how hard monsters hot and how bad the drop rates in Inferno are for some people. Well, Blizzard’s short term solution to this which was released in 1.0.4 is called Inferno.

What’s Inferno?
– There are 100 additional levels that don’t increase your actual character level but still stack in addition to your character level.
– For each stack of Paragon or level you get, you gain a few stat points, magic find and gold find.
– It should roughly take around the time that it did to level 1 to 99 in Diablo 2.
I personally found Inferno to be tedious and a very boring grind. This is just my opinion, but the grind and the levels isn’t what was wrong with Diablo 3 in terms of gameplay. Inferno is difficult as it is so finding an efficient grinding spot to level Paragon was a lengthy challenge.
Act 1
If you plan on running through Act 1, You’ll want to take your time in the Khazra field and all of the caves you’ll find in there. These areas are usually jam packed with mobs and will substantially help you level Paragon up.
Act 2
This is where I never find any items of value, even on Belial, but regardless, it’s not a bad spot to farm Paragon levels. As soon as you get the head of Zolton’Kulle, farm all of the halls that you enter. These areas are packed with Skeletons, rares and elite monsters that will help you level.
Act 3
This is the most common place to farm legendaries and Paragon because it’s one massive hack n slash. There’s no specific place in this act that’s better than the other because this entire act is just jam packed tight with rare and elite mobs galore. However, it’s also some of the most annoying monsters in my opinion such as the Herald. I’ve been killed in this act so many times by those random Heralds running around and not catching where they’re putting their tendrils quickly enough.
Act 4
While this is a good act to farm Paragon, I don’t see too many people going through it because it’s honestly not worth the trouble. The Diablo fight isn’t as fun as repeating Baal runs, although with a high Paragon level and 5 NV stacks, the drop rewards could be very substantial.
I would stick to Act 3 farming over and over again. This might get a little bit repetitive, but I’ve found that this is the easiest place to farm Paragon experience. Don’t skip any of the areas in this act, go through every single dungeon and zone and you will find legendaries. I know the drop rates have changed in 1.0.4 but believe it or not they have improved. You should also mess around with different builds for your character as the damage output of a lot of spells has been changed or modified.
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