Did You Draft The Best Players?

Have you decided who you want to draft on your team? The start of football season is beginning to quickly approach, with less than a month left until the first official game of the season.  This could only mean one thing, that fantasy football drafts have begun to occur. Whether you are an avid football follower or just take part in online football betting, fantasy football can be fun for just about anyone. Researching players before your drafts will come in handy and allow you to determine who will work best for your Fantasy Team.
Top Players to Choose
When making a decision on who to choose, do your research and choose the players that are going to keep your team safe and injury free. Your safe picks that should be considered during your fantasy football drafts are the following. Three of the quarterbacks you should consider selecting are Matt Cassel of the Chiefs, Eli Manning of the Giants

and Matt Ryan of the Falcons.  Some solid picks for running backs are DeMarco Murray of the Cowboys, Adrian Petersen of the Vikings and Jamaal Charles of the Chiefs.  Wide receivers to consider should include Jordy Nelson of the Packers, Steve Smith of the Panthers, and Jeremy Maclin of the Eagles. Tight ends to remember are Fred Davis of the Redskins, Antonio Gates of the Chargers and Jason Witten of the Cowboys.
Defending Your Team
Selecting the best defense during fantasy football can make or break your team.  When making the decision take into account everything that can possibly happen with the defense you choose. Just because they are ranked the top defense does not mean they will perform like the best defense every game. The top five defenses to consider choosing are the following. The San Francisco 49ers, the Chicago Bears, the Houston Texans, the Baltimore Ravens and the Green Bay Packers.

Players to Avoid
Just because a player has great college stats or previous season statistics doesn’t mean they should be a first choice pick. The three following players you should avoid when selecting your team. Trent Richardson was one of the best running backs in college football, but he was injured and has no NFL experience making him not a great first choice.  One of the players that can go either way is Michael Vick, he is a quarterback that will cause you a great deal of stress, especially with how he has been injured already during the preseason.  Kenny Britt is ideally one of the best players in the NFL but he is also a huge injury risk because he is still overcoming a knee injury. Not to mention, his several run-ins with the law.
Selecting the best fantasy football team can be crucial. It can make you successful with online football betting but if you’re not careful, it can just be another loss in your account. Remember to pick the best players that will benefit your team and make them number one.

  • Alll images credited to Flickr Creative Commons
  • Alll images credited to Flickr Creative Commons

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