Difference Between Quality Control Services and Quality Inspection

Difference Between Quality Control Services and Quality Inspection

Business houses need to have a strong association with an inspection company because inspectors have the understanding and the experience to understand the quality of products. Quality inspection and quality control are the two most important processes those are undertaken by the inspection company. Interestingly, both these functionalities play a crucial role in determining the quality of the products, its features and functionalities.

Many people are of the opinion that quality control and inspection consist of processes those are similar in pattern. That is not the case and there are differences in both these processes. In case you are still unaware about these processes, then let us inform you about the differences that they have.

Quality Inspection

Quality inspection includes a series of activities like checking the processes under which products are developed. There is a list of activities those are pre planned and performed in a systematic way within the factory. This is a great way understand the requirements of the products that is needed.

  • The main agenda of a quality inspection team is focused towards preventing defects while the product is still in its production stage. It is basically a pro active quality process that needs to be followed by all professional inspectors.
  • They need to be aimed towards improving the overall quality of products. The processes need to be inspected to easily spot the problem areas. When you spot the problem in the process, it becomes easier to ensure that rest of the development is fine.
  • Quality inspection is all about framing a quality management system. This system helps in maintaining the standards of the products.
  • These systematic activities are a great way to document facts and the production processes. Documentation in turn help professionals to understand and validate the information later.

Quality inspection is an important task that an inspection company needs to follow to check that products are following the standard protocols of the market.

Quality Control Services

Quality control services is a set of activities that ensure that the products are of high quality. Inspectors when performing this service needs to identify the defects in the products those have been produced already. The operational techniques and activities are used mainly to accomplish the requirements and maintain the quality.

  • The problem areas or the defect are usually spotted in the finished products and it is mainly considered as a reactive process.
  • The crucial task of quality control is to understand the problems of a finished but that needs to be done before the product reaches the consumer market.
  • They detect the problems by identifying the sources of these problems. Source identification helps in reducing the problems for future production.
  • The activities and techniques used in this case are mainly implemented and executed after the product is market ready. This is the last form of inspection that the inspection company needs to follow.

So make sure you are well aware of the differences between these two functionalities that an inspection company performs.