Different Ways to Gain Exposure for your Business

With the advent of Internet marketing, it’s becoming easier and more cost efficient to grow your client database by gaining valuable exposure for your business. Just having a few print ads and your business listed in a phonebook isn’t enough anymore. There are plenty of ways to use the Internet to gain exposure without hiring any sort of marketing company, and you can most likely do them all yourself if you have any free time. Follow these steps to increase your businesses visibility, which will ultimately lead to gaining more clients and increased profits.

Make Sure You’re Listed on All Directories
Like I mentioned earlier, simply being a number in the phonebook no longer is enough if you want your business to have good exposure. You need to be sure you’re listed in every corner that people search for business information, whether it’s online review websites or online directories. Make sure you’re on sites like the Yellow Pages United review because in doing so you’ll make sure that you’re showing up in front of every client possible. Some companies may charge to be listed in their directory; usually it’s worth it if you believe you’ll gain more exposure because ultimately it will translate into more sales.

Use Social Media
If you’re a business in today’s landscape and you aren’t on social media, you’re behind the trend. No matter what your business is, being on social media is a valuable tool to gain exposure. Social media is low-cost, high visibility, and increases your company’s presence online in many ways. When you do use social media as a business, make sure you follow strategic practices though. There have been quite a few fails in the last few years of companies utterly failing at effectively using social media. There are a ton of different social media outlets, so use the ones you believe will reach most of your customers.

Start a Blog
Similar to using social media, constantly writing for and updating a blog is key to growing your business. Not only can you write about whatever trends or issues you want relating to your industry, you can also gain exposure for yourself as an expert on a certain topic. Having a blog will improve your company’s search engine optimization and will give your company a voice. When you do start a blog, try and be consistent with it. When you do start blogging, you’ll hit a rhythm and be able to pump them out. It is a great way for some free publicity.

Cinema Advertising
Wait, really? That’s still around? Yes, it sure is, and it’s as popular as ever. There are more than 25,000 movie theatres that run advertisements before movies begin. Advertising in movie theatres is actually a lot cheaper than you may think, probably around $25 per week per screen. That’s an incredible value considering how many faces you’ll be reaching. You also don’t have to worry about people wandering away from the screen, unless they quickly go and grab a refill of popcorn.