Disability And Parents: The Emotional Toll On Children

With close to 70 million families being affected by disability claims, the impact can be far reaching. In addition to the individual at the center of the claim being affected both mentally and physically, you’ll also find that it can take an emotional toll on your children.

What Is A Disability?

An individual who has gotten hurt on the job, come down with a disease or illness, or has had a major accident may need to file a disability claim. You can do some research online at sites such as www.disabilitydenials.com for more information about disability claims. Whether this is a temporary situation or your issue will affect the rest of your life, you could be experiencing a variety of emotions related to your ailment.

This can be especially difficult for an individual who’s unable to function properly, and needs help getting around. It can also cause financial hardship and marital strain for the family of the disabled individual.

Monetary Strife

If you have someone in your family who is disabled because of an illness or accident, you could be facing financial difficulties. This is especially true if the individual who is disabled was the breadwinner of the family, and they are no longer able to work. This could limit the funding that is available for a child’s extra-curricular activities after school. It could also affect them in other areas such as limiting the amount of food that you’re able to purchase at the grocery store and money available for the school lunch program.

Children also grow at a rapid rate of speed and with a reduction in the amount of spending money available for clothes, shoes and other necessities, your child may be forced to wear items long past their usage. It can also put financial strain on a child when there isn’t enough money for fun excursions such as vacations, going out for dinner and seeing a movie.

Emotional Issues

A child may also experience a host of emotional issues when a loved is going through a disability. Anger is a typical first reaction, and they may blame themselves or the person with the disability for not using extreme caution. They may also be angry if they are no longer financially able to live life the way they used to. Other feelings that may come into play include sadness, frustration and depression. If you and your child were active in playing ball and bike riding, your disability may keep you from sharing these favorite pastimes.

Resolution Ideas

While you may never recover from an illness or injury, you can still find a positive way for everyone to deal with this situation. A disability claim may reward you with enough monetary compensation to live a full life, especially if you’re never going to be able to work again. You may also find a support group or therapist beneficial in dealing with any issues that may be festering within your children.

A disability doesn’t have to prevent you from leading a happy, successful and normal life with your family. With love, open communication, financial compensation and a positive attitude, you can get break through any serious issues your children may be dealing with.

Nadine Swayne writes this article in hopes of helping families facing the emotional toll of disability. Marc Whitehead & Associates, found online at www.disabilitydenials.com, can offer the help you need to fight disability denial to improve the livelihood of your family’s world.

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