Discover The Magic Of Energy Efficient Gadgets

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years you’ll undoubtedly have seen the influx in the popularity of going green, and no we don’t mean as in fashion and the colour; sustainability and people doing your bit for the environment is something that’s growing by the day.

Not only will you be able to put a spring back in your step by doing your bit, you’ll also notice an increase in your bank balance as you start to cut costs with your energy bills, leaving you able to enjoy those little things in life (music to your ears as you can really splash out during the festive period!)

So, how do you go about saving energy in a world where nothing can run without the use of that all-important electricity? Easy! Just get your hands on some of these gadgets!

Eco Flap

You’d be amazed at the amount of energy you lose, and waste, literally through your front door! If only you could see the warm air, you may be more inclined to save it as it escapes through your letter box; well no more with the eco flap. This innovative product will replace those tatty old brushes or seals and will keep the warm air in and the cold air where it belongs- outside!


How many times have you left your phone on charge when it doesn’t need to be? Whether you’re lazy or just because you feel that it could do with a few more minutes, even when deep down you know that it doesn’t! This can end up costing you hundreds of pounds on your bills every year, but don’t despair as this is easily saved with the Enviroplug; simply plug in your charger and it’ll automatically cut off the power when your battery is full.

Standby Buster

Each year you could be throwing down the drain between £50 and £86 from energy that is wasted by leaving your household appliances on standby. This money can be slowly drawn back in with the help of the standby buster, its one simple remote control that means you can switch off up to 4 plugs with it; simple, yet effective!

ECO Kettle

Stereotypically the UK is known as a tea drinking society, in fact it’s been suggested that the British society drink around 165 million cups a day! That’s not bad considering there’s only 66% of the population that actually drinks it! If you’re the kind of person that always has the kettle on, the ECO Kettle is a must for you; rather than waste electricity boiling a full kettle each time to make just one drink, this innovative product will allow you to boil just what you need.


First there were candles, then there was electricity and now we introduce BioBulb! A ground-breaking advancement in technology that will allow you to not only brighten your home, but also your mood, which is perfect at this time of the year as many people slip into winter depression. They use 75% less energy than that of standard bulbs, making them the perfect product for energy saving savvy’s!

If you’re ready to cut the costs and start seeing the savings in relation to your bank balance then invest in one or all of these gadgets today!

This was written by Sally Powell on behalf of CD Electrical; if you’re looking to improve your energy usage and save money then investing in solar panels with this leading company is a sound move!