Disneyworld Is boring – 3 Alternatives To Take Your Kids

The winning team athletes always turn to the camera and answer, “I’m going to Disneyworld”. However, if they actually visit they are bound for long lines where taking a ride may require more than 2 hours of wait time. The famous park is famously expensive as well. The lines and wait time are so time-consuming kids start to get bored, and I cannot blame them. There are several other attractions located in and around Orlando that provide exciting rides, amazing attractions and do not drain your pocketbook.

The Central Park Zoo and Botanical Gardens

The Central Park Zoo and Botanical Gardens has something for all ages. This amazing attraction sits on 116 acres just north of Orlando. The Zoo houses over 400 species as well as several endangered ones. From a two-toed sloth to humongous rhinoceros, the species are endless and exciting. In addition, the Zoo hosts many animal events throughout the day.

ZOOM Air Adventure Park

Inside the Zoo you will find the ZOOM Air Adventure Park, a zip-line experience that will thrill and delight. The ZOOM provides guests a choice of three different treetop routes to choose. They also offer special ZOOM after dark rides which add to the thrill.

The Battlefield Orlando

The Battlefield Orlando is another premiere adventure located within the walls of the Zoo. Guests choose teams and participate in a high-tech laser tag game. The Battlefield provides the experience of a live video game as participants use infrared technology instead of painful and messy paint ball pellets.
*Tickets available on-line, by phone, at the gate. The Zoo is open daily, year round.

Gatorland Orlando-Kissimmee

Gatorland Orlando-Kissimmee is located on 110 acres and children will be captivated by this adventure park. Situated between Orlando and Kissimmee kids can view alligators as well as crocodiles close enough to amaze and far enough to appreciate.

The Gator Gully Splash Water Park

The Gator Gully Splash Water Park is accessible when the Gatorland Express pulls up for kids to climb aboard where they proceed over to water wilderness.

The Screaming Gator

The Screaming Gator zip-line provides thrilling rides over the treetops and offers five routes to choose from as well as a 150-foot suspension bridge.
*Tickets available on-line, by phone, at the gate. The park is open daily, year round.

Medieval Times Orlando

Medieval Times, located 15 minutes from Orlando center is one of Florida’s most popular attractions. Theexcitement begins when you tour the medieval village located outside the arena. Medieval stables, a blacksmith shop as well as the royal court are waiting for you. Guests proceed into the arena where your dinner is served throughout the spectacular show. Authentic jousting matches between knights in armor astride their steeds. This energy-charged event is a favorite and boredom is not part of the experience.
*Tickets available on-line, by phone, at the gate. Medieval Times is open daily, year round.

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