DIY Daddy Gifts

Despite the fact that many holidays are commercialized, there are two that are extremely important and should be celebrated by all no matter your religion.

Your parent’s birthydays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. A small gift of appreciation and thanks on these days are always appreciated, but what do you gift your parents, the ones who love you for just being you?

My purse as a child was filled with fake cosmetics, a few crunched up dollars from Monopoly and hair accessories. My piggy bank roughly had enough coins in there to jingle around and buy a package of gum. I was no idiot; I knew I couldn’t afford a fancy gift for my dad so I would create things on the whim or whip up some concoction and call it breakfast.

My father loved it, and he still loves my do it yourself gifts because they show him how much I really care, they are personalized just for him and they help him see my growth over the years.

Do It Yourself Daddy Gifts

Every dad is different, so here are a few different options for gifts you can make your dad this year. They are simple, but have character and meaning, and all within a tight budget.

The Mug

Although a mug is a typical gift, personalizing takes it to a new level. Purchase a mug that is lacking in text and designs, look for something simple and clean. Take a sharpie in your dad’s favorite color (or simple black will work) and write him a nice message in your own handwriting. Maybe you can scribe an inside joke, draw a funny doodle or write him an everyday reminder that you love him tons. After you give your John Hancock, bake the mug in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Fill with his favorite coffee and you are done! Just make sure the mug is ceramic or else it may melt!

Vacation Time Piece

Does your dad like a specific place to get away from it all, like a beach or a golf course? Next time you are at that place, or a place that is similar, find free items that you can store away for this gift. For example, if your father likes the beach pick up some shells and bottle some sands. If it’s the golf course pick up some loose golf T’s, golf balls and buy some grass seed. Purchase a large glass container, arrange the items you have neatly or randomly within the container and pull out that sharpie. Google a quote, or makeup your own about travel and escapes, and scribe it on the container and you are done.


Make a collage of pictures of you and your dad from when you were born until now. If you don’t have that many find a few that you like and blow them up and get them framed. Or a cool idea is to make a few signs with nice sayings on them, take pictures of yourself holding them and arrange in a nice frame.

Whatever you gift your dad, if it’s crafted by you, he is sure to cherish it forever!

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