Do Private Tutors Only Address The Needs Of Students With A Lower Mental Capacity?

The following article aims to debunk the misconception that the only children who could benefit from the services of a private tutor are those with sub-average intellects. Most parents erroneously believe that the poor results in school constitute a precise indicator for their child’s intelligence levels, while in fact the truth is that even gifted students can end up failing a test for numerous reasons.
Private tutoring is not about making the child smarter, but rather helping him learn how to utilize his skills to their maximum capacity. The method of teaching plays an equally important role in a person’s ability to comprehend and absorb the information, as you are about to find out. But what exactly constitute the main impediments in learning nowadays?

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Lack of self-discipline
Due to the easy access to entertainment proprietary to our society, procrastination has become one of the most dangerous modern “diseases”. Almost every child has a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop and in theory, these devices should permit facile entrance to the wonderful world of information. However, the aforementioned gadgets are often misused to spend hours of pointless web browsing or gaming and constitute one of the biggest distractions from studying.
Therefore, private tutors have to teach their students how to manage their time effectively and only utilize the entertainment features of their mobile devices as a gratification after work is done. Without self-discipline, even the smartest child can fall prey to procrastination and that will always reflect in his/her grades.
Improper learning practices
Considering that every child is different, no studying methodology can apply well to all the students in the same class. In fact, this is the reason why public education with its proprietary high student/teacher ratio fails to provide every child with the attention he deserves.
The advantage of private lessons is that the tutor can focus his full attention on discovering the learning patterns of the pupil and build his teaching strategy upon them. It is also necessary to keep in mind that the underpaid teachers in the public education system might also lack the necessary motivation to adapt their practices to the individual needs of students, much less work on helping the ones who fall behind their class. This is where the private tutors come in to save the day.
Not enough self-confidence
The lack of self-confidence and the poor grades are an inescapable vicious circle for many children. Just like their parents, the child believes that the grades are an accurate reflection of his intellect. Therefore, each low grade constitutes another blow to his self-esteem and confidence, until his ego is shattered to pieces and he stops trying to improve. However, the tutors know there are numerous factors that influence the school results and are also able to discover the strategy that works best in boosting the student’s confidence. Well, the more confident the child is, the more he will try to achieve.
Subjects don’t present a challenge
As mentioned, even gifted students can end up failing a subject and that is typically because they find the matter dry and boring. A good private tutor is familiar with this issue and he knows how to adapt the lessons in a way that makes them challenging and interesting even for the most brilliant mind!
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