Do Proper Research Before Choosing Cameras For Your DVR Surveillance System

Do Proper Research Before Choosing Cameras For Your DVR Surveillance System

Before purchasing security equipment you need to consider various factors including your budget and the level of security you require. Before choosing DVR surveillance system, you need to pay attention to the security cameras, as they will monitor location. If you are looking for the best DVR then Samsung DVR is the most preferred one. DVR cameras will always be in demand.

The whole DVR package normally includes DVR, cameras, and fittings to make connection to your computer or network. You can modify your system along with a standard camera and connect it with a single DVR unit. There are distributers who provide proper CCTVs best among them is Dahua cctv distributor in dubai. You will be able to find wide varieties of camera with motion sensor and cameras with night vision mode.

What Are The Best Features Of DVR Surveillance System Camera?

Whether you are buying a budget or an expensive security camera, always keep in mind the necessary features. Some of the necessary features are in the following ways:-

  • IR Technology or Infrared Technology

You might be thinking, is IR technology an important feature? The answer to the question depends on the person using the camera. IR technology is one the advanced technology. It enables the camera to record in complete darkness. If someone is planning to rob your shop in dark then he will get caught for sure.

  • What will be your Camera’s Angle and Focal Length?

Camera’s angle and focal length plays a very important role, it will decide how efficiently the camera will be able to cover the area you want to protect. Camera with wider range allows it to cover wider area. It has a draw back as it will not be able to zoom. The main problem with cameras covering wider angle is that they have shorter focal length and they are bound to loss details while recording. Camera’s with longer focal length on the other hand allows an individual to get clear shots but within limited range.

  • Make sure your cameras have Auto-Iris Lenses

Auto-Iris lenses help cameras to adjust it in different lighting conditions. Outdoor cameras are mainly equipped with such facilities, because they need to record both during day and evening time. If your camera does not have such facilities, then you should buy cameras where you can manually adjust its lenses according to the location.

  • Keep in mind the camera resolution

If you think higher the resolution better the camera, then that is not the case. It depends completely on you purpose. If you are planning to install camera outside premises for recording crime scene then high resolution cameras is the best choice, otherwise camera with lower resolution is the ideal one.

  • Is your camera for indoor or outdoor?

Choosing your camera for outdoors or indoors is one of the vital considerations. Usage of the camera varies according to a person’s choice. There are separate cameras for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Outdoor cameras are usually weather proof and well protected and on the other hand indoor camera offers more definition.

It is always advised to check whether your camera has all the above mentioned features. If you still have doubts feel free to check cctv camera system here.