Do Something Different For Your Holiday This Year

Do something different for your holiday
This year hot sunny days have been few and far between, the UK is currently experiencing one of its worst early summers in years. With weather reports finally looking like a the sun is finally going to appear many families will be looking to finalise their holidays plans. For some these plans will involve taking a boating holiday in the UK, somewhere like to broads, a type of holiday that is growing in its popularity. If you have thought about a boating holiday in the past and not quite got round to it then read on.

Why a boating holiday?
For many as it is a completely new holiday experience. The first choice for many young families is the ‘package holiday’. The standard two week break to France or Spain. Join the masses on a beach some in the sun. So if the this your first year taking a boating holiday you will have the excitement of trying something completely new. Something at a completely different pace to our previous holidays. Going abroad can be stressful, and if you are arriving in a tourist hub then the hussle and bussle of the area can also be quite stressful. How many times  have you rushed out in the morning to try and get a good spot on the beach or by the pool. Holidays shouldn’t involve rushing about in the morning, which is why boating holidays are great – a wonderful slow paced world.

Feast for your eyes
Any budding photographers will  love scanerie a boating holiday offers. If you are in the Norfolk Broads you have the flat landscape in front of you, perfect for picturesque photography of old windmills and historical buildings.

If you are taking a cana break then you have the historical significance of travelling along the waterways that helped build industrial britain. One minute you can be in the forgotten industrial areas of a city, and then 30 minutes laters in the wilds of britain, with only beautiful countryside ahead of you.

Where can you go?

All depends on whether you prefer a narrowboat or a cruiser. Narrow boats will allow you to explore the old canal networks and enable you to visit popular destinations like Birmingham , London and Oxford. For me I would rather explore the countryside found in and around the norfolk broads, but for many the appeal of the old industrial routes is strong. each to their own, and a boating holiday and be tailored to give you what you and your family want.
What do you get for your money?
The majority of boating companies offer narrowboats and cruiser that are modern and clean. They offer a wide range of home comforts like freesat and television for when the weather is less than perfect. What else do you normally get:

  • toilets
  • Showers
  • Life jackets
  • Fridge
  • fully equipped kitchen

Nearly all have great accommodation space and ensuites available on most. In fact here is a boat out there suitable for any family size up to 12.

Keeping active
A family holiday is perfect for a family, the large boats can accommodate you all and in the variety of places you can stop off at, will keep the kids interest up. Even the most demanding of children should be able to be kept happy with the entertain available. This is especially true if you have chosen to go for a canal break as you will be in and out of some of britain’s biggest cities, plenty of family fun to be had.

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Written for Boating Holiday specialists Ferry Marina