Do You Know Depression Well Enough To Manage It?

Sometimes, people will brush off the idea of depression because they feel that it does not concern them. Well, according to statistics, in the United States alone, there are 19 million Americans who have been diagnosed with depression. Now if the sufferers from other countries will be added to this number, surely the number will be much higher.

Depression is often left undiagnosed or untreated because many people simply do not know the difference between sadness, loneliness, and depression. Is there a difference? Yes there is a big difference! That difference, when left unattended, can actually cause severe damages to lives, something that can easily be avoided only if depression is diagnosed.

What Is Depression?

Many people believe that depression is simple feeling sad or lonely after going through difficulties in life. Loss of a loved one, loss of employment, separation from a spouse, business failure, bankruptcy, divorce, terminal illnesses – these are common reasons why people go through sadness or loneliness. These feelings are just normal, and in time, people get over them and they continue with their lives. But here’s the danger: what if the person who’s been through a lot does not get over the feeling? What if it turns him or her into something else? This is the type of depression that needs medical attention or intervention.

What Are The Common Signs of Depression?

Feelings of sadness and loneliness – these two are the most common signs of depression. Another sign is agitation – a person who is depressed is easily agitated, is very touchy, and easily gets angry.  Anxiety is another symptom. One who is depressed is always worried and is fretful.

Some people suffer from constipation when they are depressed. There are those who have tender muscles, and they feel pain in some parts of their body. Some have mild to severe headaches … usually tension headaches brought about by much worrying, anxiety, and anger.

What Can You Do?

People who are experiencing signs of depression should consult a doctor. This is very critical because proper intervention is necessary to address the condition. There are types of depression that needs medication, and these medications can only be prescribed by medical experts like doctors.

At home, you can also do things so you will feel better and so you can slowly “kick” the depression away.

First, you have to tell yourself that from this moment on, you’re taking control over yourself again. This is important because you have to have the will to fight off depression.

Second, pick up your towel and take a warm bath. This is true: people who are depressed hate taking a bath. So take a leisurely warm bath to soothe your muscles and to relax your whole body.

Third, every morning, change into comfortable clothes and take a walk. Do this as the sun rises and enjoy the early rays of the morning sun. Health experts say that early morning sunshine is good for people who are sad and depressed because it activates the “happy hormones” called serotonin. This hormone will help anybody going through depression feel better.

Depression can be treated; don’t let it rule over you! Decide now to take control of your happiness and deal with depression with the help of your doctor!

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