Do You Need An Immigration Lawyer in Canada?

While it is possible to apply for an immigrant visa or green card in the United States or overseas without a lawyer there are some exceptions. Anyone with a straightforward case and eligible for the benefit they’re looking for, no record of crimes or negative run ins with immigration authorities should not need to hire a lawyer. That being said there are some situations listed here where the services of a Canadian Immigration lawyer are in your best interest.

If You Already In Immigration Proceedings

Once you already are or have been in immigration deportation ( removal ) proceedings you need to find a lawyer ASAP! If the proceedings are not finalized or are on appeal your situation is in the power of the courts. Using the same application procedure as those not in proceedings will not work in your case. If the proceedings have concluded you should consult a lawyer to see if the outcome affects your current application.

If You Are Inadmissible

Probably the most common legal issue encountered by those seeking to immigrate for one or more reasons, some examples might be having committed a crime or previously lied to the US government. If you know any of these situations apply to you it’s advisable to hire a lawyer.

If You Feel Overwhelmed By The Paperwork

Following the detailed instructions about gathering and including other paperwork and fees can overwhelm anyone. Should you make a mistake of any kind and  the application could well be returned to you, delayed or even rejected. With an immigration lawyer who has the experience to easily complete the application for you with computer programs that quickly enter your information hiring a lawyer eases a stressful situation.

If You Are Encountering Delays

When your attempts to go it alone meet with delays you may find yourself reaching out for legal help. The failure of the consulate to act or approve the application is often for reasons related to bureaucracy than the law. An example might find an applicant moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco after filling out the green card application which should be transferred to the san Francisco USCIS office, instead it disappears into some bureaucratic black hole. This situation occurs far too often unfortunately. Even a lawyer cannot do much in these situations still he may at least have access to inside fax or email lines and has the authority to question delays in problematic cases. Unfortunately even lawyers have trouble getting answers to these inquiries but at the very least have the authority to inquire on the client’s behalf.

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