Do You Think You Can Play Swing Copters?

Do You Think You Can Play Swing Copters?

Swing Copters is not an easy game, but there are many people, who wish they could master it. The mantra of such casual games is that they are easy to learn but difficult to master. However, in case of Swing Copters, you will be the first one if you actually get to even score a 2 easily.

Swing Copters can be played on both iOS and Android devices, and it is available for free so you can simply download it and get started with it. It’s a sequel of Flappy Bird but do not consider it to be a casual game, which can just be played by anyone. This is one of those games that are hard to learn and impossible to master.

When the first update for the game was out, the developer tuned the gameplay a bit so that players could find the game a little accessible. But for many, the game still is pinching, as it was in the first place. The character, a little man in with propeller hat, is just simply uncontrollable. He can go wild as soon as he takes speed and then he can easily smash into the screen. Some say that after the update, they have been able to score 5, which was almost impossible before.

Nguyen, the developer himself says that most of the people did not find the game entertaining because of its tough gameplay. He made the gameplay a bit simpler to attract people but even after the update, many people are still not satisfied with the game. Winning the final medal and competing with friends is still difficult.

The game was created not for providing something that is great in quality but for being one of the toughest mobile games ever. The challenge of the game is not as simple as solving a puzzle.  Making the copter pass through the girders and swinging mallets, and those little gaps is not something that everyone can do. It might seem easy but once you actually try to make the copter pass through the obstacles, you will simply become helpless.

The field in the game is vertical. The player is responsible for the safety of the copter.  With the right tapping, you can sway the little man through the narrow gaps but be careful otherwise he will wobble widely and you will just hit the poor guy in the screen. You will have to put in a lot of effort to find a good tapping rhythm.  This is not a game that you can master with practice, and by far nobody has been successful in mastering it. If you want to give a shot, you can play it at the official website. Click this website and start playing. While playing you will feel much pleasure. This game is very famous now a days. Whenever anybody feel tiredness, I suggest to play such a refreshment game and get much pleasure to play such hard game but interesting.