Do You Want To Be A Part Of A Non-profit Sorority?

Do You Want To Be A Part Of A Non-profit Sorority?

Nowadays women are improving their level, status in the social life as well as in economic life. She is now working towards making herself independent in all aspects of her life. With this goal in her life, she realizes the need of awareness in the community. There are many non-profit organizations (NGO) who are working towards the social well-being of the women in the community.

From the ancient time till now the women are not given equality in the stage of her life. She is constantly the victim of social injustice, gender discrimination and inequality. To correct this kind of gender inequality issues, the need for NGOs has arisen. The goal of this kind of organization is to provide the help to the needy people, to create awareness, etc.

In the United States, there is a group which operates with this kind of motive. The group is called as Delta Sigma Theta. In 1913, a group of 22 women students of the Howard University had established this non-profit Greek-lettered sorority. A member of the group called as delta. The group was established with a goal to provide assistance to the needy people, and use the collective strength of all deltas to promote academic excellence. They provide public services with an emphasis on the programs that target the improvement of  the African American community. The members of the organization are women, who are in the college or have completed their graduation. All college women can be a part of the group, regardless of nationality, religion, or race.

However, the group focuses more on the well being of the African American community, so most of its members are of the same descent.

It is one of the largest NGO amongst the African American community. At present, the organization has more than 2,00,000 deltas. The group has around 900 chapters located in seven countries. These are England, Japan, Germany, Bermuda, Korea, the United States and the Virgin Islands. In addition to that, it  is a member of multiple organizations. These include the National Council of Negro Women, the National Pan-Hellenic Council, and the NAACP.

The public service programs of the NGO use an organizational structure, which is famous as the Five-Point Program Thrust. Under this structure, the group performs each program with the intention to  promote physical and mental health, to develop political involvement and awareness, improve economic development for the African American community. They also work towards the promotion of educational development.

The first program of the sorority was Women’s Suffrage. The program was performed for the rights of women to stand for election and to vote.  The objective of the program was also included a fight for equal civil rights for women. Currently, they have programs like step shows and strolls, Greek Picnic, and Conventions, etc.

The history of the group involves various projects. One of these is the construction of the houses for the elderly people. They sponsor the programs to encourage healthy eating and weight loss among the community members. It has also performed programs with a goal to teach women to manage their  finances and invest in home ownership.

The main objective of the Delta Sigma Theta is to strengthen the enthusiasm of all its members.  They train their member to be at the forefront of  causes such as freedom of the individual, their dignity and humanity in the community. It also enables its member to put its efforts to achieve economic, social and intellectual status in the society. The organization provides an opportunity for women to show their talent and skills in the society.