Does CoolSculpting Work On My Whole Body?

The latest hot trend in fat loss is actually cool, even cold. It is called CoolScultping, a technique which cools fat until it dies. According to the CoolSculpting website, this is called cryolipolysis.

What is it?

CoolSculpting is a scientifically proven and FDA-approved means of getting rid of fat, the kinds that are so hard to remove with exercise and good eating habits. If you do your sit ups and eat your greens but nothing seems to work, then you could be a good candidate for having this procedure done. Your frustrations might be over in a few months, the time it takes to have the procedures and to allow your body to eliminate your dead fat cells.

How Does the Process Work?

Using cryolipolysis, a doctor will suck fat from stubborn areas of your body into a machine using a vacuum. While inside the vacuum, fat cells will be cooled and the fat will die, but the surrounding cells survive.

Treatment will be done several times, typically for an hour or more, and is comfortable enough that the client can get work done, read a book, or take a nap. According to the company website, you could do this during your lunch hour. Immediate fat loss is minimal, but after a few months clients see the desired results. Benefits include

– breaking up fat that will not respond to exercise and diet
– no need to take vitamins
– no special diet or exercise regimen
– the process is natural and will not kill good cells

Which Parts of the Body Does it Work on?

Here are some typical areas which consumers complain about:

– inner thighs
– upper arms
– love handles (the oblique areas of the stomach)
– the tummy
– bra area
– back fat

Any one of these is suitable for treatment with a CoolSculpting machine in the right circumstances. There are particular conditions, however. Many people have discussed this topic on blog sites. In reality, if you have enough loose fatty tissue in an area, then it is possible to undergo treatment there.

Still, the clinic must have equipment to fit onto the part of the body in question. Some have asked if cool sculpting can do upper arms. The company that makes CoolSculpting indicated that they were working on different sizes of applicators.

The major negative according to the dialogue at Real Self is that it does not affect areas thick with hard fat, such as the outer thighs and buttocks. These are not saggy enough to be sucked into the machine. Also, according to this same blog site, some parts of the body will look especially saggy afterwards, but a physician at your nearest clinic will go over the details with you.

Chelsea Wolroft is a writer and personal stylist. She has worked for 5 years in the beauty industry and now writes on the topic for many websites and blogs (such as this Weight Loss Clinic in Austin). Most recently she has been writing about the new weight loss technique called CoolSculpting.

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