Does Height Matter In Competitive Careers?

The height of the average British male is pegged at 5ft 9in, according to the BBC. For men across the world, height is a crucial part of image, lifestyle and a career. Whether you want to be the next David Cameron or you have your eye on Tom Cruise’s movie star crown, height is a vital piece of your career jigsaw puzzle. Careers such as politics and finance require men who want to stand out to be imposing.

How height works in key industries

Take a look at the insight about height of each of these careers below:

  • Politics: Height symbolises excellence and strength; no surprise that iconic political leaders such as Julius Caesar were tall. He was described as having excelsa statura which is Latin for being of tall stature.
  • Finance:  Being a dealmaker in finance is simple when you have an elevated appearance. Entertaining clients for your business or as an executive is crucial to developing new business. The best way to make a good first impression with clients in business and finance is to deliver your ideas from an elevated position.
  • Technology: Ever wonder why Steve Jobs was the perfect person to lead Apple to be one of the most successful companies in the world? Besides his unique ideas, another important reason was how statuesque he was whenever he was at Apple conferences such as his speech at iPhone unveilings and the iPad announcement. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook also takes to the stage during Facebook conferences, and he is commanding because he looks tall.

Top 3 reasons height is important for men who want to succeed

Height exudes power and charm in a way that no other quality does. The idea of James Bond being short falls flat; people want to see tall and brooding movie stars, and people want to choose tall politicians to lead their country (think Barack Obama). Here are the ultimate reasons why looking tall is crucial if you have dreams of success in your chosen field: ja

  • Creates trust: There is a reason why the colloquial phrase ‘look up to’ has stuck in the English language. There is a degree of trust that is inspired by someone who is taller than you because you feel safe under the auspices of the taller person. It is this trust that is important in careers where you want a position of authority and respect whether you are a doctor, politician or a solicitor.
  • Happiness: A survey cited by the BBC found that men who were taller (around 5ft 10 or taller) worry about life less than other people surveyed. This feeling of invincibility correlates with the traditional and widely supported view that height and income are directly linked.
  • Looks professional: An elevated appearance makes men look professional in all spheres of careers. Looking tall is the way to give yourself the best chance of being smart and presentable for work meetings, presentations and one on one discussions with your boss. 

This is a contributed article from guest author Charlie Oszvald. Charlie is a fashion enthusiast, and now writes for Altitude Shoe a cutting edge of height increasing footwear, fashion and shoe technology.