Does Your Business Need Facebook?

As social media becomes ever more popular businesses are trying to figure out ways that they can use it to their advantage and connect with customers.  There are tons of different types of social media ranging from Twitter to Tumblr but the big daddy of them all is Facebook. Everyone knows Facebook, it is so popular they even made a movie out of it. The question is, how can businesses use Facebook to their advantage and do they even need to?
The answer really depends on the business. Some can really benefit from it while others not so much. All businesses can do one thing for sure and that is to create a page on Facebook. Google’s newest algorithm relies heavily on social media indicators for search engine rankings so the more social media you have the better off you are. A Facebook page will increase your social media presence. Does Google take Facebook into account? Nobody knows, but it can’t hurt to have a page out there.

Facebook is really good for businesses that have a strong cult following like the Mini coupes or Apple. These customers are very well connected with the company and with each other and tend to be social media savvy.  Companies like this can post images of their products, stories and updates. For instance Mini might have a contest to take pictures of yourself on vacation with your Mini in the picture.  Upload the pictures and they post them on Facebook. The best picture wins a prize or they can have users vote on their favorite.  Alternately they can have a contest that if a user “likes” their page they may win a prize.
Colleges and even online universities can benefit from Facebook as well. You can use it to find your old classmates and see what they are up to. A school can post new information, sports news and even a faculty of the week. Classes can even set up a page to stay in contact about assignments and projects. Musicians and other artist can greatly benefit from Facebook pages as well. Fans can “like” them and spread their art work. They can post new artwork, tour dates, interviews and other material. It is also a great way for artist to meet other creative types and network or collaborate on a project.
So is Facebook necessary for your everyday business like a car dealership or accounting firm? Except for the possible Google rankings it is not really that necessary. Is a client really going to “like” an accounting firm or law firm? Is a bank really that exciting? We didn’t think so. It doesn’t hurt to have it though, just don’t be surprised if it isn’t very popular.
Jeff Jordan writes and lives in Southern California. He writes about social media, marketing and SEO. Students can use Facebook to work on projects for the university degrees.