Dog Collars That Bring Fashion To Pets

Dog collars are a very beautiful pet accessory. It helps pet-lovers to decorate their favorite friend in style. Collars impart a very princely look to these heartthrobs and are true depiction of love and care that owner showers on them. The original function of collars is to help owner control the pet when on move. This simple function soon became a style statement and people love to devote some time to choose the best – looking collar for their pet. Collars though named as dog collar can be used for cats also. The passion of the pet-owners has given rise to an interesting business opportunity and makers accept the orders also to provide tailor-made choices:

  • Trendy Dog Collars: Dogs are best pets for family and children. Kids are so much attached to their pets that they have their own say in the matter of accessorizing them. That is why doll-like styles, pinks and stylish prints are chosen by the young owners who want their pates to represent their styles. These dog collars are very broad, colorful and studded with gems sometimes. The foam is used to make the main body of collar to provide extra comfort to the lovable pet.

Trendy dog collars are mostly feminine colored. Flowers, gems and various types of crystals assure more trendiness to the look. Girls love to keep their dogs well – managed and want them to look very friendly with other people. Trendy dog collars help them achieve this desire.

  • Tough Dog Collars: These collars form the reliable way to handle the rough and tough dogs. The sturdiness is the main quality of these collars. A variety of decorative material is used to accentuate the look of these pet accessories. Single star Texas is one of the most attractive collar styles that suit the tough dogs really well.

Spiked and blunt studded are the two varieties of decorations that are used to style the tough dog collars. The toughness of collar leaves a cautious impression in the minds of the on-lookers and they are adequately alarmed about the dog’s nature merely by looking at the style of the collar. Thus, these collars serve the purpose of identification and recognition better. Bike chain and Maltese Cross is another design that can be used to style these dogs.

  • Classy Collars: This style is most affordable of all types. It may need replacement time to time but serves as the best controlling style to tame the dog. The dog gets an altogether friendly appeal with this style and there is not much variation in the shapes. These collars are believed to be the original style and are used mostly for day-to-day use.

Like other styles, leather is the main material used to make these collars and sleekness can be ensured with the help of Italian leather. The Italian leather has a very soft and neat look and the simplicity is the main quality of these collars.

Rope leashes are another handy alternative to heavy-looking dog collars. These leashes are better in grip and handy to use. These are a very economic option and are available in price as low as $9.

  • Preppy Dog Collars: Sophistication has a lot of takers and so preppy collars have the highest number of buyers. The material used is cloth stuffed with webbing on both sides. White polka dots on pink, green, blue and brown colored belts are some of the fascinating variations in this style. Embroidery and embellishments are some of the common materials that are used to make preppy collars.
  • Collar Types: Buckle and martingale are the common collar types available with one of the online dog boutique. These can be varied according to the customer’s choice and some designer styles are also evolved from these basic styles of collars.

Dog collars make very interesting dog gifts. The decorative dog collars can be used to make the memorable gifts. These gifts are classy, useful and much economic. Whatever be the style chosen, these are capable of making an ever-lasting impression on the beloved’s mind. The flashy styles are very much in demand as gift items. If you are looking for a gift in the price range of $5 to $15, dog collars can be the suitable option for you.

This guest post is from Endre R., an occasional guest blogger in topics ranging from fashion to small business. He currently represents MVP Dogs, a popular online store for dog collars and jerseys. Follow his occasional guest blogging activities on Twitter.