Dog’s Greatest Pleasure – Chewing

Chewing on furniture, slippers or anything at a dog’s eye level can be a problem for a dog’s owner. Most people seem to think that older dog’s will not chew on anything after the puppy stage, this is wrong  your dog can cause a lot of damage or even hurt themselves while chewing on items left lying around.  
It is true that pups will chew on anything while they are losing their baby teeth; this occurs usually at 4 to 5 months of age, their mouth is sore at this time, they will chew on virtually anything to relieve their pain.
Don’t Encourage Bad Habits
Most of us have made the mistake of giving our dogs an old shoe or a sock tied into a knot to play with, this is not a good idea. They might then believe all shoes are their toys, and clothing left within their reach is safe to shred or play with.
If your dog is one, that loves to chew or rip things, you won’t want to leave him alone. Adults as well as children should never leave anything lying around, which could possibly injure your dog this includes some foods.
If your dog is destructive, there should be a safe area to leave them while you are away from home. Consider a shaded fenced yard, or crate large enough to accommodate them comfortably. These precautions will make sure your dog and belongings are safe, until you return. Make sure they have fresh water, a bone or favorite chew toy for them to play with at all times.
Your dog should not be left alone more than four hours. If you are going to be away longer, you should have a dog walker or a friend to check in on them.
Dog Training – A Family Affair
The whole family should be involved while teaching your dog how to behave; the dog needs to be made aware the human is always the pack leader. When your dog picks up an article that they should not generally have, gently remove the article from him, while saying (leave it) and immediately give him one of his favorite toys. Patience and repetition is the key while trying to teach your dog what they can and cannot play with. Usually a dog is attracted to items that carry the scent of their owner.
Recommended Chew Toys
Listed below you will find a few articles, which your dog will enjoy as a treat or playing with.
·    Large enough bones which are safe for chewing
·    Raw hide bones
·    High quality safe chew toys
·    Raw carrots are a treat for some dogs
·    In hot water, you can make ice cubes from chicken or beef broth, which tends to be a real treat.

This article provided by dog containment systems expert Susan Wright. Dr. Wright, DVM and her staff in effort to educate people on the proper care of their dogs.