Domain Registration And Technical Requirements

Today almost all people know how to use the internet. However, not everyone is familiar with the process of buying and registering a domain. The domain name refers to the name you see on the address bar of your web browser that directs you to the page you want to visit. It serves as the name for all the internet partakers such as the services, networks and computers as well. Domain names are being used by different host computers as their hostnames. The main purpose of domains is to give you an easily identifiable name instead of typing numerical addresses which can definitely be very confusing.

Domain Administration & Registration

Domain name registrars are the businesses who have the right to delegate the authority to use or own a domain name. These registrars are approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers which is also known as ICANN.

Furthermore, there is an administrative organization that operates a registry which is responsible for administering top-level domains that include .com, .net and .org.

If you want to have an exclusive right to own a domain name for a certain period of time, registrars will charge you an annual fee. The person who leases a certain domain name is called domain holder or registrant.

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Technical Prerequisites

If you are interested in registering a domain name and maintaining ownership, the following are necessary parts of the process:

Name servers – You must provide at least two name servers. This is one requirement in the process of registration.

Technical contact – You must have a technical contact that will be responsible in managing the name servers you’ve provided. Included in the technical contact’s duty is to make sure that the domain name configurations follow the requirements given by the domain registry.

Billing contact – Another prerequisite in the registration process is a billing contact which refers to the party responsible for collecting the billing statements from registrars. More importantly, this party should be responsible in paying all the valid dues.

Administrative contact – This refers to the person who will administer the domain name. Included in this contact’s function would be having the highest control over a domain name that means full management and maintaining of all business data.

While it is possible to hide your registration information for privacy purposes, your registration information gives credibility to your website or business and will be factored in to the trust score for your domain by the search engines. Your trust score will impact the ranking ability of your website. The length of time you register your domain for will have a similar impact. The longer you register for, the better. This task will also protect you from the accidental expiration of your domain which leads to the loss of ownership and its availability to others to buy. is your one-stop shop for buying, registering and hosting domains. Register a domain or bid on thousands of domains for sale.