Don’t Forget These 4 Maintenance Tasks Before the Next Cold Front

Remember to check these four things off your maintenance list as another cold front approach. You can avoid any significant problems later by taking care of them now. So before the temperature drops again, be sure to…

Check your windows and doors for drafts.

Windows and doors can be one of your home’s most significant sources of energy loss. As temperatures drop, drafts will start to creep into your home, resulting in higher energy bills. Luckily, it’s easy to check and fix drafty windows and doors to reduce energy costs and make your home more comfortable. Let’s take a look at how you can do just that.

Finding drafty windows and doors

The first step is to find out where the air is coming from. You’ll need an incense stick or a lit candle to do this. Move slowly around the edges of each window or door while holding the smoke or flame close to them. If there’s a draft, you’ll see the smoke or flame flicker or move towards or away from the window or door frame—this means there’s air getting through! Once you locate any problem areas, mark them down for later repair.

Fixing Drafty Windows and Doors

Once you have located the drafty areas, it’s time to start fixing them! Different solutions may work best depending on your window or door type. For example, if your windows are single-pane glass with wood frames, try using weatherstripping tape around the edges of each window frame. This will help block out cold air by creating a tight seal between the window frame and wall when closed shut. 


If your windows are double-pane glass with metal frames, caulking might be a better solution since caulking creates an even tighter seal than weatherstripping tape alone. You can also use caulking if your door frames are made of wood; however, if they’re metal, then the weatherstripping tape will work best since it’s easier to apply and remove than caulking when needed for maintenance purposes. Finally, if you need help with these solutions, consider investing in new energy-efficient windows or doors! This will create an even tighter seal against cold air drafts while saving money on heating costs during winter.


Drafty windows and doors can add up quickly regarding energy costs—but luckily, they don’t have to be an issue anymore! It’s easy to check for drafts using an incense stick or candle flame (make sure not to get too close), then seal up any gaps with weatherstripping tape (for wooden frames) or caulking (for metal frames). If those solutions don’t seem to be doing enough, consider replacing old windows/doors with new energy-efficient ones! With these simple steps, you’ll soon have a more comfortable home while lowering your energy bills in no time!

Look over your furnace and change the filter.

As the cold winter weather sets in, staying on top of home maintenance is essential. One of the most important steps you can take is getting your yearly furnace inspection, plus changing the filter regularly. This will help boost energy efficiency and lower utility bills, meaning more money left in your pockets all winter. How often do you replace the filter? Ask a trained professional for advice on what best suits your system and needs. Protect yourself from costly repairs by proactively investing in regular inspections and filter replacements.

Clear any blocked gutters or downspouts.

A sure way to prevent damage to your home is to take on the task of making sure gutters and downspouts are free from blockages. While it may not be the most glamorous job, taking time to go around your house and ensure these materials are in working order can help you save from costly repairs in the future. If left unchecked, debris can pile up and cause water to back up, leading to problems such as mold or siding damage. Consider diverting the collected rainwater from the foundation or into drains for a truly worry-free experience. So don’t forget to keep your gutters and downspouts clear – it’s an easy way to guard your home during any season!

Bring in any patio furniture or decorations that the cold weather might damage.

As winter approaches, it’s important to remember to bring in any outdoor patio furniture or decorations that the cold temperatures might damage. Not only could the freezing weather cause cracks and warping in these items, but even extreme drops in temperature can cause fading or discoloration of some materials. To keep your patio pieces looking as beautiful as ever, it’s best to take extra care and store them away for the season. If there’s not enough room inside for your items, consider a protective furniture cover or shed to keep them from possible harm from gusts of wind or snow. With a bit of extra thought and preparation now, you can rest assured your outdoor collection will be ready for safe use again when warmer weather arrives!

Get Your Water Heater Ready

Keeping your water heater repaired is an intelligent way to keep your home running smoothly. Regular maintenance can help you avoid unexpected water heater problems and save you money in the long run. Regularly servicing your water heater before the arrival of a cold front can also help ensure that it continues to work properly throughout the winter.

Avoid Costly Repairs

Having your water heater serviced regularly will help you avoid costly repairs down the line. A technician can spot potential issues early, which means they can be taken care of quickly and cheaply before they become significant problems. This is especially important during colder months when running hot water becomes essential for keeping warm and comfortable in your home.

Improve Efficiency

Regular inspections and tune-ups can help keep your water heater running at its peak efficiency. Over time, sediment can build up on the bottom of the tank, reducing its efficiency and making it harder for it to heat the same amount of water in the same amount of time as before. By having a professional technician flush out the tank and check all its components regularly, you can ensure that it’s always working at maximum efficiency – saving you energy costs in the process! 

Safety Check           

Water heaters are not just an appliance but essential safety features in your home. That’s why it’s so important to have them serviced regularly by a qualified professional who knows how to identify potential safety hazards like gas leaks or faulty wiring. Not only will this help protect against fires or other accidents related to malfunctioning equipment, but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that everything is working safely and correctly.

Regular maintenance ensures that your water heater is always running at peak efficiency, saving you energy costs while avoiding expensive repairs down the line. And most importantly, regular servicing ensures that everything is safe and secure for use throughout the winter season. So don’t wait until temperatures drop – get your water heater serviced before it’s too late!

Congratulations on making sure your home is ready for cold weather! A clean house will help you stay cozy and reduce your energy bills. If you’re unsure of any part of the process, don’t hesitate to look online for information or contact a local HVAC professional for assistance. Remember that staying ahead of the cold weather can save you from headaches and heartaches. Taking a few minutes each year to inspect, check, clean and secure your home can go a long way in helping you stay safe and productive throughout winter.