Don’t Hide Your Legs Any Longer

Those who have varicose veins understand that they are more than just unsightly. They are uncomfortable, painful, and can affect the way in which you live your life. You no longer need to hide your legs and alter your activities, however, as there are minimally invasive varicose vein treatments in Chicago that can completely transform your life. Suffering in silence is no longer an option—get the treatment you need today. Take the time to explore your options, and you may be surprised by how simple and affordable the procedures available have become.

No More Frightening Surgeries

In the past, many opted not to go through with corrective surgery for their varicose veins because it required being hospitalized and put under general anesthesia, not to mention the extended recovery time. Now there are options available that can be done right in your doctor’s office by utilizing laser treatments with local anesthesia that work to ‘close down’ the varicose vein and re-route the blood into healthy, normally functioning veins.

Benefits of Laser Treatment Over Traditional Surgery

One of the greatest benefits of the laser treatment for varicose veins is that you will not be replacing the unsightly veins with scars as you would with traditional surgery. There will be virtually no bruising or identifying marks left that would indicate you had the laser treatment preformed. .

The recovery time is also a plus as you will generally be released from your doctor’s office 30 minutes after the procedure, be able to resume normal activity the following day, and within two weeks be good as new. For the two weeks following the treatment, you will most likely have to wear compression stockings and avoid vigorous activities such as exercise. .

The Cost of Varicose Vein Treatment

Many people also avoid treating their varicose veins because they are afraid of the cost of the surgery or treatments. However, due to the fact that varicose veins are painful and can alter your ability to live your normal lifestyle, many insurance companies will cover these treatments—even Medicare. .

Seek out the assistance of a skilled medical professional that performs varicose vein treatment in Chicago today.  There is no reason you should not regain control of your life once again by having your varicose veins treated. Imagine being able to do all the things you love without the restrictions of this condition. Do not endure the pain, discomfort, limitations, and unsightliness of your varicose veins any longer. The treatment is affordable, noninvasive, and will not require lengthy recovery.

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