Don’t Make These Critical Text Message Marketing Mistakes

Text message marketing is a growing marketing method that many businesses are using improperly. Whether it’s not having a mobile website for customers to use or complicating the messages, many mistakes get made. Here are just a few critical text message marketing mistakes to avoid.

Not Having a Mobile Website

One of the biggest mistake that gets made is to use text message marketing, but not have a mobile website. You can’t simply expect users to get on their computer to proceed. You must have a mobile website in order for this marketing method to be successful.

Not Telling Users What to Do

As bad as it sounds, people need to be told what to do. This is referred to as a call to action. With a call to action, you tell users that receive the message how to proceed. For example, you might say, “Visit our website for more information.”

Not Understanding the Instant Access

Some businesses aren’t prepared for the instant access aspect of text message marketing. This means they might send out a message about a great sale, but not have the sale up and running. This will cause you to fail immediately. You must be prepared when you send out messages.

Spamming Users

Another mistake businesses make with text message marketing is to spam users. Every post shouldn’t be about your services and products. Just like with a blog, you want to also provide your customers with useful information that is related to your products. For example, if you sell pet supplies, you might send out text messages about keeping your pets safe in the summer.

Not Simplifying Messages

Text messaging does not allow a lot of space. This means that your messages need to be as simple as possible. The key to making this work is to not over think your message. Just get to the heart of the matter and tell customers what they need to know.

Not Marketing Your Mobile Movement

When you start using text message marketing, you need to let your customers know. Mention it on your website, Facebook page, and anywhere else your customers might see other advertisements for your business.

Not Using Mobile Marketing

Last, but not least, the biggest mistake businesses make is to not use mobile marketing. This is one of the best marketing methods you can use. Not only do you get instant access to customers, but it can be a great way to increase profits.

Text message marketing is a great way to market to more customers, but you need to make sure to avoid these critical mistakes.

About the Author: Loralee Burdon is a marketing specialist who enjoys incorporating sms text message marketing into the campaigns run by her small business clients. They find sms marketing allows them to reach a younger market and it gives them a better response!