Don’t Regret It In The Morning – Keeping A Handle On Your Night At The Club

Ever wake up and think to yourself, “What the hell did I do last night?” It’s not a good thing to experience. Maybe you hooked up with a stranger, spent too much money, got into a fight, made a fool out of yourself, or worse. You planned on having fun when you went to the club, but you didn’t plan on things getting that out of control. In most cases, you have no one to blame but yourself. And if you want to avoid next-morning regret, there are a few important tips you should remember that will help you keep a handle on your wild night at the club.

Make a Pact with a Friend

If you’re going to the club alone, that’s already a recipe for disaster. You should always go out with a group of friends because there’s safety in numbers, especially on the club scene. But take it one step further and make a pact with one friend. Promise that you’ll watch each other’s backs. You don’t need a babysitter – it’s just always better to have someone looking out for you; someone who can possibly intervene if something happens and you need a little assistance. A safety net, if you will.
Shoot for Lower than Your Limit

Do you ever go out and think, “I’m only going to have three drinks tonight,” and hours later find yourself downing your sixth shot of Grey Goose? It’s so important to know your limit, but it’s equally important to be realistic about it and to actually stick to it. If you think that you can handle four beers before you get too wasted, make your limit two or three beers. And then make it your primary goal of the evening to not go over it. It might help to let your friends know you’re serious about your limit, so they can help you by not pressuring you to drink more or offering you additional drinks throughout the night.
Party Smart

Drugs are prevalent on the club scene, and you may be tempted to partake. It’s a much better idea, however, to skip any mind-altering substances altogether. Drugs can increase the effects of alcohol, and they can impair your abilities in their own right. It’s especially important not to accept any drugs at the club from strangers, because you can never be sure what it actually is that you’re ingesting. And if you’re a woman in particular, watch your drink at all times.
Go Home Alone

Random hookups are one of the biggest sources of regret after a night at the club. When you’re having fun and drinking, going home with that attractive stranger seems like an excellent idea. But of course, it’s not. Opt instead for getting their number – not giving yours, because you might regret that later, too. And here’s where that pact with a friend can come in handy – promise to leave together, no matter what, without bringing anyone you met at the club with you. If you have a change of heart while you’re at the club, your friend can help bring you back to earth.

Evan White is a clubber and freelance writer who considers himself an expert on Vegas nightlife. He loves to write about how to have a safe, fun time while going out at night.

Photo Credit: activestills