Dos and Don’ts When Visiting Serbia

Serbia St Sava Cathedral

Serbia is one of the most spectacular tourist destinations in Europe. Here’s a few things you should and should not do while visiting the country.

Don’t be shy

The people of Serbia are very open towards visitors and tourists. It’s good for business, after all, and tourism is an important part of Serbian economy, especially in the coastal regions. But it’s more than just that: wherever you go, the locals will honestly try to help you and make you enjoy your stay. The best ways to socialize are the beaches and the cafes – engaging in a conversation with a local will always provide you with some useful information: the best places to visit, the best bars and restaurants and such.

Do enjoy the Local Activities

The tourist boards of each town carefully plan concerts, performances and similar events throughout the summer to keep the visitors entertained and happy. As for the sports, tennis, football, golf and volleyball courts can be found everywhere, as well as cycling tracks and watersports. Windsurfing, scuba diving, yachting, sailing, paragliding, bungee jumping – if you can think of it, Serbia got it – and at pretty affordable prices as well. Various programs aimed at children at the elderly also exist, and the latter often enjoy fine quality wellness and spa centers which can be found at all major tourist centers and even accommodation objects.

Do explore its Nature

Serbia has five national parks, all carefully sheltered from potential ecological disasters and urbanization. Describing all of them would take hundreds of pages of text, so we’ll just stick with the basics: the Djerdap national park located in the northeastern part of Serbia, is a system of a narrow forested mountain area. Meanwhile, in the western part of Serbia is the Tara national park, one of the richest and most valuable forest areas in Europe. In the interior, dense forests and wild mountains cover some parts of the country, while others have fertile golden fields as long the eye can see. Either way, Serbia’s jaw-dropping effect is felt by anyone who visits and travels the country.

Don’t Worry About Safety (too much)

Serbia is actually a very safe country and the crime rate is low by European standards. Some petty thefts are known to occur, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll be mugged in the streets. Most of these thefts occur when valuable possessions are left without supervision at beaches or cafes. A bit of common sense and keeping the luxury items in your hotel room goes a long way. As a precaution, you can always make a photocopy of some crucial ID documents in case you lose all your documents. This will help your consulate to provide you with new travel documents if your passport was lost or stolen. The nights are generally safe and peaceful even in the night hours and major incidents occur extremely rarely.

Do Enjoy the Diversity

And we’ve barely scratched the surface: the traditional architecture and Renaissance buildings dominate. The Serbian folklore and traditional lifestyle also varies greatly in its different regions, but its richness never ceases to amaze. It’s an important part of the country’s charm and the one you’re very likely to learn about. Just go with the flow and immerse yourself in traditional Serbian music, dance, social customs and events. Getting to know a country’s culture is always a fun thing to do.