Dress Up Disney This Halloween

Once a year we see a small cadre of Mickeys, Minnies, Goofys, Plutos and Donalds overtaking our streets and sidewalks, all with the single-minded goal of liberating tasty treats out of our cupboards. Yes, Halloween is the time when the wee ones get adorned in their favorite Disney character’s attire and walk the streets in search of treats. We all know the traditional Disney characters, but there are a wide variety of other Disney characters that make wonderful costumes for the tykes during Halloween.   Disney owns the rights to many different studio characters including the Toy Story stable. Buzz and Woody have become favorites of the youngster-set and are great costumes for the little ones who know and love the characters. Dress up your little one with a full-on Woody costume and send the animated cowboy out to rustle up some sugary grub during the fun-filled evening. If your little one prefers the space-tastic adventures of the high-flying Buzz Lightyear, set the child up with the costume and off to the future of treat acquisition.   Should you have a tot that loves the watery world of The Little Mermaid, an Ariel costume lets the little one head out for tricks and treats in full under-the-sea mermaid regalia. The timeless and classic Cinderella lets the child head out as the fairy princess, complete with sparkly glitter and lace.   Animal lovers get to dip into the character assortment from Disney’s Rudyard Kipling adaptation of “The Jungle Book.” If you have a child that just loves bears, how about Baloo the Bear? Have a monkey lover? Try dressing he or she up as King Louie, the self-professed King of the Jungle.

Kids who have a love for Disney that have met their favorite characters at Disneyland or Disneyworld may opt for a more traditional costume like the aforementioned Mickey or Minnie, Donald Duck, Pluto or Goofy. After meeting their cartoon heroes at the theme parks, they get to dress like them and go collect the sweet rewards on All Hallows Eve.   Costuming a child in Disney attire does not mean having to break the bank either. Sure, there are pre-designed and packaged costumes at stores, but imagine the fun you can have with your children by working and designing a Disney themed costume together and at home. Have the kids collect the items they think are needed for the costume and then work with them to begin constructing the outfit. For example, if you have a child who wants to be Ariel, suggest finding some shimmering foil and make a set of mermaid fins together. For the tot who wants to be Woody, go scour the house for an old cowboy hat and some boots, or go to the thrift store and make a scavenger-hunt style game to find the needed accoutrements.   Disney brings so much joy and fun to children’s lives, so it is a natural extension to want to dress up like the characters on the one night of the year they get to let loose and make pretend in the most glorious and exciting way. Adorning the child in a Disney Halloween costume brings smiles to you, the kids and the folks doling out the treats when they answer the door.

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