Dressing Your Man – An Intervention

If you are one of the lucky ladies who are fortunate enough to have a stylish boyfriend then just stop reading now. Seriously. If there’s anything worse than a man who knows/thinks he looks good, it’s a doughy eyed girlfriend who likes to swoon over her man’s sense of style. I’m not down-talking confidence here, there’s a big difference between confidence and cockiness- and to be honest, it’s often the cocky ones that look the worst. You know this to be true, the beany/jogger clad student that think scruffy/stinking actually qualifies for grunge-chic, the young ‘businessman’ swamped in his dads suit, thinking he is the picture of sophistication. No- those people don’t need style advice, they need sedating. Sedating, bundled into the back of a van and disposed of.

For those girlfriends who really have reached the end of the road when it comes to dressing your man, you have come to the right place. Follow these guidelines to change your grot into a fashion big-shot.
1) The first stage of dealing with the problem is accepting that it’s there. Sit down with your man, discuss the problem and encourage him to admit that he needs help. E.g. “My name is Ronald and I am a munt-a-holic.” Acceptance is the first step on the road to recovery.
2) Purge the house of all disgusting/outdated/worn/ugly garments. Do not accept any excuses. It doesn’t matter if that top was a gift! Who cares if the jacket was left in a will?! It will be much easier for him to refrain from tramping up if there is no temptation in his midst.
3) Join a support group. There are other mingers out there, not just your fella. Sharing ugly stories and advice will allow your man to feel that he is part of some greater movement and give him a support network. You will also get to meet other long-suffering girlfriends who know what it’s like to feel angry/repulsed/murderous when waking up next to a bagging boxer clad man.
4) When your boyfriend feels ready, take the plunge and go clothes shopping. It is probable that your cave-man has not set foot in a shopping mall since infancy and he may become disturbed at the inevitable stares and recoils. It is your job to stay strong. Encourage him with kind words and assure him that when he has some new clobber he will mix in with the rest of the miserable, acceptably dressed men being dragged around the shopping centre by their other halfs.
With all of the men’s fashion shops to choose from you might find it hard to know where to start your man’s fashion revolution, but
Red Square Clothing is a great place to start. i also read this great blog about fashion manolomen.com.