Driving Test Preparation And Advice

If you are seriously considering taking driving lessons and learning to drive in London then the first tip would be to research which driving instructor to choose from the hundreds / thousands that make their services available. A good driving instructor based in London will be able to help you navigate your way around the city of London, whilst keeping your confidence levels high by using tried and tested tips, tricks and more importantly routes that will help you to learn to drive and most importantly prepare you for the driving test.

There are no rules that state you have to learn to drive with a fully qualified driving instructor and that you can’t simply learn to drive with a friend or family member – but it would benefit you greatly if you were to choose a reputable and long established driving instructor in London. One of the biggest advantages is that the majority of cars will come with dual controls – this essentially allows the driving instructor who will be seated in on the passenger side to take control of the pedals in the car should the driver get into any difficulties – for example going to fast or not applying the brakes quickly enough.
It is a well known fact that simply by registering with a driving school and then taking formal driving lessons – you will become a better driver for the experience. Simply put the driving instructor will be able to pass on a wealth of experience and tips in order to help you navigate your way around the streets of London safely and comfortably. This is key as should you sign up with an experienced driving instructor although nobody can say you won’t have an accident once you have passed your test, the risks from your part should be minimised simply because you have picked up driving tips and skills from a highly qualified driving instructor.
Simply put if you are prepared to pay out in the early days – for example purchase slightly more expensive lesson from the more experienced driving instructor rather than the cheaper less qualified route – in the long run and over a period of time you will probably find that you can save money in fines for driving badly or for vehicle repairs as you are constantly pranging your vehicle.
The key is to always do your research and always take into account the vehicle being used, cost of lessons, how long each driving lesson takes and whether your chosen driving instructor has received good reviews from other people that have used the service.
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