Drugs Abuse Among College Students

It is quite unfortunate, but many college students are using drugs in various opportunities. College life provides students with a great deal of freedom and they would try many things. Drugs could give them false energy boost and a feeling of euphoria. They could even feel like nearly superhuman and do many things. Students who have taken drugs could leap the dorm window and injure themselves. Students who have used drugs, may use them again after the first encounter. Drugs boost the production of dopamine, which is the feel-good neurotransmitter. This causes them to feel that they can’t live without enough drugs.

It means that the early uses of drugs could perpetuate more drugs usages. There are actually fatalities among students due to drugs overuse. The ultimate danger of drugs abuse is death. They may also abuse various prescription drugs, such as Adderall, Vicodin and Oxycontin. When used excessively, it is possible that these drugs will cause abrupt respiratory and cardiac arrest. Students should be aware of the possible snowballing effects, due to excessive usages of drugs. Blood vessel can be damaged and stroke may occur, despite their young age and an overall healthy cardiovascular system.

It is important for us to know why the use of cocaine tends to increase. Students may adore some musicians and these celebrities are essentially the walking advertisement of drugs abuse. Drugs could adversely influence younger people, including college students. This is especially true if they have larger financial resources, through debit cards provided by their parents. In this case, drug education shouldn’t stop only at high school. In fact, more serious intervention can be needed, because some college students have become full-blown drugs abusers. In the end, students could end up ruining their lives.

Students should learn about the story of many celebrities who used drugs. They eventually get serious consequences of drugs abuse and many of these celebrities were not even able to reach the age of 30, due to their premature death. Students may not be aware of the cumulative effects caused by cocaine usage. It means that college students are simply playing roulette with their long- and short-term future. Students who have drugs abuse problems could become loose cannons and fatal consequences could happen. Even in less serious cases, students could be expelled from the college, causing them to have uncertain future

Parents should be aware about possible problems that may affect their children. As an example, college students could have specific symptoms, such as erratic behaviours, weaknesses, inactivity, loss of focus and significantly degraded academic performance. College life is obviously riskier and it is important for parents to prepare children for things that they may face in college lives. Students can’t afford jeopardizing their future, only due to small mistakes during college. College students should be more knowledgeable about things that they should face in college life. This will make them more fully prepared to deal with challenges and temptations.