Dubai, The Land Of Sheiks And Shopping!!!

Dubai, The Land Of Sheiks And Shopping!!!

Dubai, the very name brings a goofy smile to everyone regardless of age or sex. This popular country has its own way of dealing with the things. Just like a lion’s roar, its voice will be echoed in front of all the countries. The best time to go to Dubai is not the best friend for most pockets as they have only one season.

Exotic cuisines from the best chef:-

Not many emirate citizens are veggie lovers. Almost all of their dishes include meat, fish, lamb, and beef. With the extraordinary spices available in here the dishes they served are a feast to belly as well as eyes. From those sizzling kebabs to that of the fine wine, they know how to dine. Some of the dishes are,

  • Kuboos.
  • Kabsa.
  • Maqluba.
  • Harees.
  • Machboos.

Best places to visit:-

As we already know, Dubai is the shopper’s paradise which has ultra huge malls like supermarkets. Apart from these, there are still a lot more places to view and take selfies. Some of them as listed below.

Burj Khalifa-

This is not a place for people who are afraid of heights that without this place, your tour will be incomplete. From the 124th the bird’s eye view of the city is worth the trip.

Burj Al Arab:-

This renowned seven-star hotel is one of the main attraction in Dubai city. But this is also one of the most expensive hotels which are afforded by the affluent people.

Jumeirah beach:-

What’s a tour without a beach!!! Jumeirah beach is again one of the beaches which is suitable for all travelers. With the picture-perfect sunset view from the hotel in the hands of the loved ones, what is there to not like.

Deira souks:-

For all the shopaholic around the world, this is one of the best places to go crazy!!! From gold to textiles this is the original shopper’s paradise.

Best time to go crazy:-

If you are looking for all cozy and chilly weather then you are on the wrong page!!! Dubai experience only one weather and that is hot!!! So the best time to visit will be along the winter season (well for other countries). So the best month to set a foot on Dubai will be somewhere between November to March. But beware, people, this is also the peak season in Dubai so get ready for the crowd views.  The month of the summer season is a big no to best time to go to Dubai if you are not ready to get roasted alive.

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