Dubai with Kids: 5 Things to Do

Dubai with Kids: 5 Things to Do

A city dubbed as the Millionaire’s Playground isn’t exactly the destination you’d think of bringing your children. For a Dubai holiday while everything about Dubai may scream opulence, there are some attractions and activities that kids will love and enjoy. Here are a couple of ideas:

Dubai Parks and Resort

Dubai Parks and Resorts is the latest addition in the landscapes of Dubai attractions which is specially meant for Kids and families travelling with Kids. A newest leisure and entertainment destination in United Arab Emirates. Dubai Parks and Resorts. do not come with one but three theme parks, namely Motiongate Dubai, Legoland Dubai and Bollywood Parks. If you are travelling with family and kids, your Dubai holiday with Legoland would be the best thing for your kids.

Hit the beach or the pool

Here’s the thing to remember about Dubai: it is hot. While adults can tolerate heat to a certain extent, the experience may not be too enjoyable for the young ones. As such, bringing them along for the holiday means having to spend a lot of time in places where they can feel cool and comfortable. That said, who doesn’t love hitting the water to be refreshed?

The good thing is that many of the hotels in Dubai are equipped with a pool. In short, you really don’t have to travel all that far just to spend time near water. Even better, many of these hotels offer water sport rentals.

But if the hotel pools aren’t enough, there are a couple of water parks in the city like Wild Wadi Waterpark where you can head to for cooling off. Skiing is also an option in Dubai (not real snow of course) at the Mall of the Emirates. Ice skating is another option and an Olympic-sized rink is located at the Dubai Mall.

Visit theme parks

The Dubai Mall is the largest one in the world and one of its entertainment options is called KidZania, a miniature city that offers role-playing options and is best for small children. Much older kids might better appreciate the arcade games and rides at Sega Republic. All of these attractions are located in one place: the Dubai Mall. In short, if you have both young children and more mature ones, you won’t have a headache planning activities for all of them to enjoy.

See animals

Seeing animals is one of the better activities involving children. If they love underwater creatures, one of the best places to be is the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo located in the Dubai Mall. Yes, that mall is really huge and it’s not named the world’s largest for nothing.

Another option for seeing underwater animals is at the Atlantis, The Palm. The luxury resort features about 20 tanks filled with different kinds of fish in an area called the Lost Chambers Aquarium. Rather than just admire the exotic creatures, you can also snorkel with them (for a fee of course) and take a behind-the-scenes tour.

Head to the parks

Creek Park features a botanical garden, a cable-car ride and a science museum. At the Al Safa Park, young ones can enjoy feeding the ducks and frolicking on the lawns.

Experiencing the desert

Dubai may scream skyscrapers but traveling about 40 minutes away from the city allows you to experience to the desert. The only way to do this is through a safari on a four-wheel drive. Admittedly, this activity is much better suited for much older kids as well as adults who can tolerate a rather bumpy ride through the sand.

Dubai may be known for its magnificent skyline and shopping opportunities, it offers fun activities for the children as well.

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