Duffle Bag vs Suitcase (pros and cons)

Duffle Bag vs Suitcase (pros and cons)

Humans are considered to be social animals. It has been scientifically proven that for a human, social interaction is necessary for a sound mental and physical state. Interacting with new people, making friends, travelling to new places, exploring cultures etc. are aspects of these social behaviour. Travelling is a very important aspect of human life. It has such importance that it comes third in the Maslow’s Need Hierarchy theory which deals with Industrial Psychology. The third component in this important theory is the need to be social which includes the opportunity of socialising, travel along with other means of socialising. This only goes on to prove that the travel has a very high importance in the average human life.

All during your travel the one thing that you have to depend on is your luggage as it contains the basic amenities like clothing, bedding at times, money as well mostly, and sometimes food. Thus, luggage becomes the lifeline of a traveller during his entire touring period. The safety and well maintenance of the luggage also becomes very important to the one who carries it. With the advent of time the way to carry the belongings on travel have also changed drastically. From wrapping things in leather or cloth to carry them on shoulders to suitcases to trolley bags, times and ways have changed drastically.

Suitcases have now sort of become obsolete although they provide a very strong medium to carry your things into but there are many new means to carry your things around which do have their pros and cons. When taking into consideration the duffle bags, these come in many varieties and thus are much more affordable to a wide range of consumer base as compared to suitcases. The pros and cons of the duffle bag over suitcase are as follows:


  • The biggest pro that the duffle baghave is that they provide a very large amount of space. The middle compartment always provides a very good storage area. The number of extra compartments do not interfere with the excellent space in the middle compartment and the outer extra ones add on to the convenience of carrying things.
  • There are duffle bagswhich roll. These are extra convenient as one doesn’t have to carry things with the full weight bearing him down. With the help of the wheels the heavy weighed luggage can be pulled on its rollers.
  • The flex of the duffle bage. the flexibility of the duffle bag due to its material is also a plus point in consideration to its use.
  • These are very much attractive in design as compared to the suitcases.


  • Theduffle bag does not have that much external strength as the suitcase.
  • The duffle bagis not as good as suitcases when it comes to providing protection. Water may seep in through the fabric of the bag and damage the clothes inside if there is not waterproof protection or any such thing.
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