Dusseldorf – A Stunning European Destination Not To Be Missed

Dusseldorf is a centre for trade and fashion fairs and is located on the banks of the Rhine River, which is the ideal setting for such a beautiful city. If you are planning a visit to Dusseldorf, February and March sees the famous Rheinish Carnival, which was originally held as a form of protest to foreign occupation a few centuries ago, but is now a time to celebrate the wondrous region during the spring months. If you can’t make the carnival, there are plenty of other local attractions that are fine examples of the local culture and traditions, and with a selection of fine pale beers, Dusseldorf is popular among drinkers.

Economic Air Travel

Dusseldorf is a short flight from most European cities, and with cheap flights from Bristol to Dusseldorf, your holiday won’t break the bank. UK visitors can catch an early flight and be there in time for lunch, and with so many restaurants that boast a range of European cuisines, Dusseldorf is a gourmet’s paradise.

Fashion Capital

Dusseldorf is the fashion capital of Germany, and it also has made a name in music and the performing arts, so if you are artistically inclined, this city has it all. November 11th is the date for the famous Dusseldorf Karneval, which features a large street procession on Ash Wednesday.


Any visitor to Dusseldorf will want to sample the excellent menus on offer in the many restaurants found across the city. They have their own special type of Dijon Mustard, which was immortalised in one of Van Gogh’s paintings, and is served in a traditional pot. There is a large Asian contingent in this city, and you can enjoy Japanese, Indonesian and Thai dishes that are very close to the taste in their own countries.

Christmas Activities

Christmas is a favourite time to visit Dusseldorf, as they hold an annual Christmas Festival that runs from November 17th to December 23rd, when the locals will drink beer, eat chocolate, and blow glass. This festival brings many tourists from all over Europe and if you like the traditional side of Christmas, December is the ideal time to visit.

Museums and Art Galleries

Dusseldorf has more than its fair share of museums and art galleries, with art and film being well represented, and you can view some of Europe’s finest paintings and sculptures in the many art galleries in the city centre. Cultural exhibits covering every aspect of local life will give you many hours of pleasure, with some fine exhibitions of how the people lived in past times. Transportation and engineering museums offer a glimpse into the development of the German talents in building machinery.

There is a total of 8 bridges that span the Rhine in Dusseldorf, and each has its own unique style, and while you are there, you can take advantage of the many river cruises on offer, and sample the unique culture of this vibrant German city.

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