DWI: How To Prepare Yourself

A DWI arrest can be a stressful, scary and emotional event that most people are unprepared to handle. Many people are uncertain what steps should be taken after being arrested on a DWI offense.

Stay Calm
Especially those facing their first arrest, a DWI is a highly emotional situation. The first step in being able to handle the arrest is to stay calm and find a way to deal with the emotions in a healthy way. Many people feel shame and fear when they are pulled over and asked to take part in a sobriety test which they eventually fail. Once the arrest and booking process is complete, uncertainty of what the future holds prevents some from taking the necessary steps in a mature and effective manner. Do your best to stay calm and prepared for the judgment and disappointment that inevitably accompanies a DWI arrest.
Take Action
The biggest mistake you can make after a DWI arrest is choosing to wait and wallow in the negative details of the negative situation. Take action as soon as possible. Those who decide to sit back and let the system take over lose rights and power to impact the final outcome of the arrest and sentencing. Get the arrest report, request a hearing with the DMV and consider hiring a lawyer to represent you.
Understand the Timeline
A DWI arrest happens quickly and often unexpectedly. On the other hand, the process of being tried and sentenced can take months and will the results will has a lasting effect on your everyday life. Understand that the timeline of your DWI arrest can take a long time to complete. Do not be frustrated by the slow pace of the proceedings. Instead, use the time to familiarize yourself with local DWI laws and your rights.
Wake-up Call
The most positive thing that can come out of a DWI arrest is the wake-up call that you need to make positive changes to your lifestyle. Take stock of your life and determine whether or not alcohol or drugs are a problem you should deal with. Not every person who gets arrested for a DWI has a problem but it serves as a chance to honestly evaluate your choices.
A DWI arrest will have a lasting effect on your life. How you handle the process can dramatically impact the final outcome. A combination of handling the mental and legal aspects of a DWI arrest can be accomplished by keeping the following steps in mind throughout the process.
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