EaseUS Data Recovery Software: Avail The All-Rounder Data Recovery Package

EaseUS Data recovery has been a popular data recovery software among people, which has garnered it a number of positive reviews from customers and tech reviews. The software has been the number one choice for several users, due to its easy to use features and flexible design.

Just like a normal data recovery software, the EaseUS data recovery software is able to recover deleted files and folders. The software can help the user to recover data from different situations, such as lost partitions, hard drive recovery, OS crash, virus attacks, mac data recovery, software failure etc. The software makes use of ease-to-use tools and an interactive interface to make the overall process simpler.

In order to use this software, there is no prior technical knowledge needed. Even a beginner can efficiently make use of the software’s features.

The software recovers files using data remnants, which are left behind in the memory when a file is deleted. These remnants are basically pieces of data left, which reside in the memory until a new file is created in the same location. The software recovers these remnants and compiles them together to reform the desired file.

Four Packages

The software can be downloaded from the official website of the company. It is available in four different packages, which are Free, Pro, Pro+WinPE and Technical.

Each of these packages come with their own advantages and benefits. The first package, as its name suggests, is free and is available at no cost. It can offer a sound trial of the software, with most of the features being enabled. The only limitation with this package is that the user can only recover 2 GB worth of data. If the user wishes to recover more, he or she has to purchase the other packages.

The Pro and Pro+WinPE version comes with additional tech support and unlimited amount of data recovery. These are single-licensed and can only be used by one single user. The technical license also has the same features along with the technical license, with which the user can further distribute the software to their colleagues.

Scanning Procedure

Once the data recovery software free has been downloaded, the scanning process can be initiated easily. The scanning process consists of up to two parts, quick scan mode and deep scan mode. In order to start the scanning process, the user needs to select a location where the scan will be done.

Once the location has been chosen, the quick scan mode is automatically initiated. The quick scan mode offers a fast and reliable experience, by displaying results under a few minutes. The scan mode scans the disk for all data remnants left behind by recently deleted. As the mode ends, all the results are displayed on the screen and the second mode, the deep scan mode is initiated. The deep scan mode takes a larger amount of time to finish as it scans more number of files including hidden and system files, which were previously left by the quick scan mode.