Easy Chicken Dishes To Try

Easy Chicken Dishes To Try

Chicken is a regular meat which one can use to make some delicious starters as well as some lovely main dishes to eat with rice or chapatti.

Chicken Pakora is a very common starter item where boneless chicken junks are marinated in usual spices before frying well in hot oil. Here are some other chicken dishes worth trying.

Chicken Curry

Regular chicken curry for weekday dinners, then there are the spices like black cardamom, clove and bay leaves are used. This leaves a mild flavour and smell in the dish. The main ingredient which is a must in chicken curry is the use of mustard oil and it also has a lot of health benefits. This chicken curry can be eaten with Pulao, chapatti or plain rice and it goes perfectly well with all of them. Use of potatoes makes this dish a stomach filling one when eaten with a bowl of rice or 2 rotis.

Chicken 65

This one is a famous one as a Chettinad cuisine. One can pair them up with rotis or a plate of steaming hot rice to extract the best taste out of it. One can also go for a plate of appam or a dosa along with this.

Garlic Stir Fry Chicken

To make this dish one needs only breast pieces of a chicken. Here the breast pieces are seasoned with some fresh chilli and garlic paste and this dish is actually a very easy stir fry. One can also use chicken thigh fillets instead of chicken breasts to cook this dish.

Beetroot Chicken Cutlet

This is a juicy patty kind of thing which goes very well with a cup of tea or coffee. One can get some mouth melting juicy chicken in a crunchy snack like this. Adding beetroot means adding a colour to the preparation as well. Go for Pudina chutney along with it. This will give it a spicy twist.

Kakori Kebabs

This is an item which was found in Lucknow and the recipe was done by the royal chefs of Lucknow. This is made by some juicy cubes of meat (chicken or mutton) which are spiced up with a lot of chaat masala and is served with some spicy green chutney. This is an instant hit among the guests.

MurghKoftey Ki Biryani

In this dish, basmati rice is used and it is mainly cooked with koftas made from spiced chicken. This makes it a very fragrant biriyani. Once cooked, this dish is served with garlic raita and saffron so that it can add more flavour to it. This dish has been originated in Awadh and it has come down through history. Earlier, this dish was a part of regular royal feasts.


This is a traditional dish of this region which originated from Vidarbha where presently Nagpur is situated. This one is a fiery curry which is cooked with chicken and some special spices. This one is a must try if you can handle hot and spicy dishes.

One can try all these dishes at home.