Easy To Make Halloween Costumes

We have you covered – from the last-minute supplies-on-hand kind of costume, to the easy do-it-yourself Halloween costumes that will look like you spent tons of time and money on preparation. So before you stress about what and how, just check out our list and you may just find your next DIY.
As long as you have plenty of toilet paper in the house, then you are set to wrap up this costume. Wrap, wrap and wrap some more and you’re all set! This can be created using scraps of white fabric. Torn and aged looking is even better, so rip into that old white sheet.

You will need a large cardboard box, plastic cups and paint. You will be wearing the box so you need to cut a couple of armholes and a hole for your head. Glue the plastic cups to the front of the box as pegs then paint everything a solid color.
Each time your kid ties that blanket around his neck like a cape, he or she transforms! Sometimes that is all that is needed to transform at Halloween, too. So whether you are a kid, or a kid-at-heart, grab that blanket and fly!
Using black poster board, trace and cut out the shape of butterfly wings. Get creative and decorate these however, you wish. It can be a finger painting project for a child, glow-in-the-dark paint or other reflective materials like glitter will also look great at night. Try cutting patterns within the wings and filling in the space with tissue paper for a transparent look. Wear all black and add these bright and beautiful wings to the costume by stringing black elastic shoulder straps to the wings.
Let’s face it. Does it really get any easier than a white sheet with a couple of eyeholes? Of course, you may want to also consider a couple of arm holes and maybe a mouth hole so you can eat all that candy!
This costume is perfect for a rainy Halloween evening, or for someone who wants to be able to easily change from costume to non-costume attire. Start with an umbrella (preferably a clear umbrella), then add ribbons and streamers hanging off the edges. When you carry your umbrella, you carry your costume!
Pig in a blanket
Didn’t want to do the superhero costume? Take that blanket and wrap yourself in it (great for a chilly Halloween night). then add a pig nose.
Cover your sweats with purple or green balloons and watch as you transform into a clump of grapes. Nevertheless, watch for sharp objects and don’t expect to sit down easily.
Angel (or Fallen Angel)
Pull that white dress out of the back of your closet and add a pipe cleaner halo for an angel costume. Add a little dirt to the dress, your face and a few leaves and twigs and you are now a fallen angel.
Susan Wright is a vet, a dog expert and a freelance writer. With the holiday season approaching, Susan is sharing fun holiday tips for both parents and pet owners.