Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog Entertained

Easy Ways To Keep Your Dog Entertained

Every dog owner wants to give their dog the best life possible. One way that you can do this is by keeping your dog entertained and excited. Pet owners you can keep your pooch amused with the following tips. Not only will they enjoy themselves, but they’ll also develop a closer relationship with you. That is a great reward for giving your dog a more rewarding life experience. 

  • Play Games in Around your Home

You can play games with your dogs inside and outside of your home. Classic games such as fetch or dog frisbee are always entertaining things to do with your dog. You can also play the smelling game (hide the treat) around your home or out in your yard. Remember, dogs have a strong sense of smell and they really like to use their noses to find things. Other forms of amusement to play with your dog include chasing your pet around the yard. Dog’s really like it when you chase them, or they chase you. This type of game is so much fun for them. You can also teach your pooch the doggy tag game. They should also like that as well.

However, if you don’t like to run around with your pooch; you can play tug of war with your dog. Tug of war is played by taking one end of a sturdy piece of rope and placing it into your dog’s mouth while you grab the other end. Both you and your dog struggle back and forth until one of you gets the stick. This game is not for all dogs or pet owners and it works best for larger side breeds. Just make sure that your dog isn’t naturally aggressive otherwise this might produce a problem. You can have your dog chase bubbles, play water games, and even have them chase after a kong filled with their favorite treat.

  • Teach your Dog How to do Chores

Teach your dog how to do some chores and it will help them to remain busy. Truthfully, most dogs don’t do chores. However, if you have the patience to train them; they can be taught to do a lot of things. Some dogs are trained to pick things up and to put them into place. Other dogs are trained to assist their masters with tasks around the yard or shop. Just make sure you have the patience and time to teach your dog how to do chores. By the way, don’t try to get your dog to learn how to use a broom, wash the dishes, or run a vacuum cleaner. There are just some things that dogs cannot (and will not) do.

  • Give your Dog New Toys

You should constantly switch up your dog’s toys. Give them new ones whenever you can. Plastic bones and balls provide great fun for dogs. This is especially true for dogs when they’re in the pup stage. Food scented toys are fun for dogs and so are pet toys that resemble real animals. Keep in mind that some dogs like toys more than others. If you buy your dog toys and they’re just not interested in them; they don’t spend your money buying them more. Remember, some dogs just like playing with sticks and other items that are naturally found outside.

  • Take a Dog Road trip

Dog’s like to get out and travel. Taking your dog on a road trip and finding a good pet hotel are highly recommended. You don’t have to travel out of town with your doggy pal. Still, you can drive them to the grocery store or just take them for a cruise around town. Dogs like sticking their head out of the window to bark and get some air. Small dog breeds might not be able to do this. However, they can get a thrill out of driving around in a vehicle. Dog road trips might not be for everyone but they can be entertaining and fun for your Fido.

  • Run your Dog Ragged

You should run your dog ragged around your yard. This will tire them out while having fun. Dogs also like to run and play. This is extremely fun for them and they will get a big kick out of it.

  • Wet and Wild Doggy Fun 

Okay, if you have water toys or equipment in your backyard, then you should get your pooch out in the yard for some doggy fun. Slip n’ Slides provides a great diversion for your pets. Many of them like to play with the kids (and the adults) in the water sliding all over the place. Dogs will also play around with people when they have water guns. if you can, take your dog for a swim in a pool. While most dogs should not be fully immersed in water and left to swim on their own, some dogs don’t mind wading through a small pool for fun. 

  • Teach your Dog New Tricks

Teaching your dog new tricks is an old and dated concept. However, dogs will be entertained with new tricks. Dogs like to learn, and they do like to be the center of attention. Teaching them new tricks will fulfill that purpose. Teach them tricks they don’t know and make sure you’re training them the right way. Again, dogs like to learn, and you should have patience when trying to show them something new or different.

  • Get your Dogs to Mingle with Other Pets

Another great way to keep your dog upbeat is by allowing them to mingle with other dogs. Dogs are social animals. Having other dogs around will help to keep them entertained. Dogs like to be entertained with other pets because it gives them an opportunity to interact with their own kind. Sometimes, dogs need to get away from their humans and hang out with other creatures that look and act like them.

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