Eat This, Not That

It is summertime and you’re trying to beat the heat but you also want to find healthy things to eat to keep your waistline at the ideal size and feel good about yourself. Here are some ideas about what to eat and what not to eat when planning your menu this summer.
Three To Eat
1. When it comes to the grill, choose chicken and fish. These are really the best for you at any time of year and you can have tasty variations when you are cooking them outside on the bbq. You can marinade each or simply spray with a little cooking oil before grilling to taste. Add seasoning, toss in a salad and you’re set.
2. Go with salad. Salad works any time of year as well but especially in the summer. When it is so hot, the last thing you want is a heavy meal that will mean slaving over a hot stove. Spice it up with a variety of vegetables in a salad. Toss in some chicken or chopped egg. Make it an antipasto with Italian meats. It’s up to you.
3. Choose smoothies for that cool, refreshing drink that can even be a meal at breakfast and lunch. With the yogurt and fruit of your choice, add crushed ice and blend. What a great way to chill.
Three Not to Eat

1. Try to steer clear of too many hotdogs and hamburgers. While they are a favorite, they are not good for us. Moderation is key. You can always try a vegetarian version or turkey dogs and burgers to have healthier substitutes.
2. Forget about those potato and macaroni salads that are filled with mayonaise and calories. Once again, these are typical in summer. A taste now and then is fine but don’t load up. You can always make a pasta salad with fat free or light Italian dressing that has fresh veggies tossed in and a little cheese, such as feta, for a healthy substitute.
3. Don’t go overboard on the ice cream. Whether it is in shakes, a dish or a cone, too much of a good thing could have you putting on the pounds. As an occasional treat, have a cone but go for the smaller size. Many places also offer low-calorie versions now or you can always choose frozen yogurt. Opt for popsicles instead. There are many calorie-free products now and even if you choose a regular pop, your calories and fat will be much lower than with ice cream. You could always freeze a banana dipped in lowfat chocolate. is the author of this post. Arlington catering is one of the countless national caters you will find on to hire for healthy food.