Eating Out in Chicago

Chicago is known as a big-time sports center with plenty of die-hard fans for White Sox, Cubs, Bulls and Bears. However, the city is more than just buildings and rich sports culture. The city is also known for its wonderful culinary delights. Its deep dish pizza is definitely a must try. There are plenty of wonderful restaurants in the city that travellers should immediately try:

  • Alinea: It is a restaurant with top culinary awards and it has upped the ante, in terms of avant-garde culinary offering. It certainly delivers plenty of wow and awe for people who want to experience an unusual dining experience. It offers the “Tour” which is essentially a 24-course menu.
  • NoMi: It is located in the Park Hyatt hotel and offers an upscale French cuisine with some Asian fusion. People could see the stunning view of the Lake Michigan and Michigan Avenue from the restaurant. There are also after-dinner drinks in the adjoining swanky lounge for people to socialize.
  • Mk: It is one of the best places to visit for Chicago residents who want to re-experience Chicago after staying for years in others places. It has a contemporary neighbourhood feel and plenty of new American cuisine. The wood beams and exposed offers an elegant addition to the two-story space. There are also a couple of dining rooms, lounge and bar.
  • Folia: It is definitely an icy-cool and chic destination for people who want to enjoy wonderful Italian cuisine with the usual Chicago touch. It is always buzzing with corporate diners and hip young crowd. There are many wonderful dishes, such as mushroom pizza, paper-thin prosciutto, taglioni with meat sauce and Milanese risotto.
  • Landmark: Landmark is a popular restaurant in the Lincoln Park. It combines the fine-dining experience with bustling long and bar scene. It is a great night spot that draws nearby theatre-goers in the Steppenwold. The restaurant has multiple kitchens with innumerable menu options, such as lobster club sandwich and grilled strip steak.
  • Sushi Wabi: It is one of the finest, if not the best sushi restaurant in Chicago. It is a great sushi hot spot with its loud surrounding and well-dressed patrons. Chowing down a plated pf maki with the DJ-spun music is definitely a different experience compared to standard Japanese restaurants.
  • TRU: TRU in Streeterville is a great location for people who seek impressive fine-dining experience. It is set in airy loft spaces and open area. It offers progressive French cuisine that feels like a playful work of art. The restaurant is adorned by various contemporary art pieces including an original Andy Warhol. The food is delicious and the specialties are gorgeous, including venison loin with creamed corn and foie gras with pineapple relish.
  • David Burke’s Primehouse: It is a place that any carnivore needs to visit. It offers dry-aged steaks stored on its own humidity- and temperature-controlled salt cave. Other than a variety of steak selections, we could also find the delectable Kobe beef sashimi and spicy angry lobster.