Eating Right On A Budget: 4 Steps To A Healthy Diet

Many people believe that the only way to eat healthy, is to be rich and spend lots of money on your food. Though this can help, it is not the only way. Here are four simple steps that will leave you well on your way.

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The most important step to eating right on a budget is to make your own food. Preparing your own food is the only true way to know what you are eating. Restaurants can make great tasting food, but their motivations lie in profits, so health take a back seat. Restaurants need to pay their employees, rent, electric and many more expenses, when you eat at a restaurant you are paying for it. Taking a step further, when you go to the store, you should be buying individual ingredients, not prepared meals. A good rule of thumb to go by when at the grocery store is, if it has more than 5 ingredients or you cannot pronounce 1 of the ingredients, it is best avoided.

Eating often will leave you spending less on your food and eating healthier. When you have healthy meals, combined with quick and simple snacks, you are less likely to buy unhealthy convenient foods, that in turn cost more. A quick apple or banana between meals will quiet any hunger you have. A small piece of fruit may only cost 25 cents, whereas a candy bar or bag of chips cost much more, and are of course are very unhealthy.

Making health eating on a budget a lifestyle choice is a big step in the right direction. When shopping, have a list and meal plans laid out. Always pack a lunch, make it in the morning, throw a couple small snacks as well. Once you have this laid out, you will have a much simpler time. It can be so easy and tempting to hit up vending machines or convenience stores. With proper planning you can make this a thing of the past.

A mistake many people make is shopping once a week. This should be avoided, ideally you would go to the grocery store every couple of days. This will help you prevent food from going bad, and from overspending on things you do not need. Also, when you only buy food for a couple of days, you avoid buying food that is heavily in preservatives. Many foods that can sit on the shelf for a long time are not good for you.

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