Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning At New York City

“We have not inherited the Earth from the past generation rather we have borrowed it from our successive generation!”

This must be engraved in the mind of every human being and thus every action of ours should have foremost concern for the environment.  Hence forth, the residents of Brooklyn and other parts of New York City need not be apprehensive of polluting the environment while getting their commercial and/or residential carpets cleaned up. Green Choice does the job with absolutely innocuous organic substances that are either found or used in the foods!

Affordable Green Carpet Cleaning:

One need not get carried away at the very thought that anything organic, namely organic farming, organic milk etc. is expensive as compared to the conventional one.  Green Choice, located at Brooklyn in the city of New York is also referred to as Green Choice carpet cleaning Brooklyn.   Unlike other companies, Green Choice does not outsource the job.  Hence, the money that is saved by restraining from outsourcing is used for the benefit of the customers.  The adept employees of Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn are at the disposal of their customers and they rejuvenate your commercial and/or residential carpets after cleaning and deodorizing them at a reasonable price.

Organic Carpet Cleaning:

The conventional carpet cleaning methods employ chemicals like 2-butoxy ethanol and perchloroethylene, naphthalene etc.  These chemicals are toxic to the health and unfavourable to our environment.  2-butoxy ethanol, as such is innocuous to the human beings and pets.  But when heated up, it emits undesirable fumes which cause breathing problems and damage the nervous system.  Upon ingestion or inhalation, perchloroethylene, normally referred to as perc, causes nausea, dizziness etc.  It has been found to damage the liver and the kidneys.  Napthalene, sourced from coal tar, affects the central nervous system and is believed to be a carcinogen.

Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn employs only absolutely innocuous organic substances like citric acid, common salt, some anti-microbial salts, enzymes, soda ash etc for carpet cleaning.  Citric acid is a constituent of lemons.  Lemons, infact, owe their bleaching action to citric acid.  Common salt is the heart and soul of our foods!  Nobody can gainsay the safety of these substances!  Also, all the cleaning solutions that the company makes use of are approved by the Carpet and Rug Cleaning Institute, USA.

Guaranteed Cleaning Service:

Altogether, the company has been into carpet and rug cleaning for more than four decades!  The customer care center serves the customers all through the day.  The company takes up weekend appointments and also offers services on the same day of the call without additional charges.  Apart from the innocuous substances that are being used, only equipments of highest quality are being used for residential and/or commercial carpet cleaning.  Since Brooklyn is in the heart of the city of New York, the office is easily accessible to all.

It is our bounden duty to give back the Earth to our successive generation as how they lent it to us, isn’t it?  Approach Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn to discharge your duty!