Eco-Friendly DIY Ideas For Your Wedding

Weddings are a tradition that has been around for quite a while now. Therefore, why not break the tedium of your typical gateway into marriage and try and opt for connecting the beautiful with that which is useful – why not make your wedding environmentally aware? Eco-friendly weddings are a positive new trend that seems to be picking up pace as of recently. Pay your tribute to our planet, while enjoying moments to remember with your significant other.

Eco-Friendly Rings

A wedding doesn’t start with the cue of the melody all of us are familiar with, but way earlier, with choosing the rings. In order to keep your wedding environmentally aware, make sure you shop at jewelers that are green-friendly. These shops usually employ recycled gold and fair-labor gemstones, without providing any negative impact on the quality of jewelry in question, all the while making sure that the rings look just as beautiful and stylish as if you bought them at a regular store. You can even ask your jeweler about the stone’s origin, just to make sure you’re not buying a “blood diamond”.

Recycled Invitations

In order to make your wedding a bigger deal than your average party, you’ll want to ebb away from sending Facebook invitations. However, wasting a ton of paper in order to make your special event a tad more significant does tend to put a strain on our environment. Luckily, using recycled paper to come up with green invitations and programs is more than possible nowadays. Recycled, eco-friendly invitations are more than capable of looking classy, beautiful and something to remember.

Wedding Dress

You can buy dresses online from a plethora of vendors out there that trade with sustainable clothes. If you’re not into buying a donated dress (which really is a wonderful idea for anyone environmentally conscious), you can always opt for the age-old tradition of reusing your mother’s or grandmother’s dress. All you need to do is to take it to a local seamstress, so they can modernize the treasured family heirloom.


I know, having a traditional way of coming up with photos for this beautiful day does tend to make it special. However, if you opt for a digital camera, you can still have your pictures available to you in hard-print; the difference is – this way, you get to select which photos are worth printing, thus not having to waste more paper. Furthermore, digital photos do not use chemicals and rolls of film that impact the environment all that hard.

Flowers and Food

Organic florists have a wide variety of home-grown flowers available for your big day. An innovative thing to do is giving out potted plants away to your attendants when the event is through. As for food – always go organic and try to avoid using disposable plates.

Your wedding can be made into an innovative event by simply opting to go green. Not only will this inspire many people to follow in your footsteps, but you’ll get to bask in a cozy feeling of having contributed to wellbeing of our dearly beloved planet.