Eco-Friendly Transportation Solutions For The Urban Dweller

Bicycles are nothing new to the shores of the British Isles, indeed, we were very much the pioneers of early pedal power, and like anything else, the bicycle has developed continuously. Complex gearing and smoother running mechanisms make the riding experience more enjoyable, and effective shock absorption adds a touch of comfort, and with lightweight composite materials, a typical bike of today weighs far less than anything made a few decades ago. For the past few decades, the world has been focused on energy conservation, and around this time, the electric bike was born.


Modern e-bikes are a far cry from the earlier versions, in fact, to look at one, you wouldn’t see anything to indicate there was a battery power option. This is due to the high power lithium batteries that deliver the power to the hairless motor on the rear hub, and there’s nothing lacking on the traditional pedalling side of things, something the 7-speed Shimano takes care of. Stopping power is more than adequate with hi-tech front and back discs, and the power zoomed front suspension offers a really smooth ride. If you would like to know more about the very best e-bikes on the market, Roodog in Yorkshire are the people to contact, and even if you live in another part of the UK, the bike can be delivered at an extra cost. They have a wide range of machines on offer, to fit just about anyone’s lifestyle, and with an extensive range of essential accessories, there is everything you need under a single roof.

Various Modes

The wonderful thing about an e-bike is you have 3 modes to choose from, starting with the traditional pedal power of the “cycle only” mode, moving up to the hybrid mode, which can be a combination of pedal and battery power, and finally, you have throttle controlled, which gives you assisted power at all times. If, for example, a commuter faced a stretch of uphill inclines, they could drop into throttle mode for that, while using the bike traditionally the rest of the time. In this case, the bike could probably go 2 or 3 days before a charge is required.

Lightweight and Durable

Aluminium provides the essential frame support, and the mountain bike style comes in at just under 20kg, which includes the lithium battery, and with more than 30 miles of power at full speed settings, the bike is more than adequate to handle the average daily commute.

Eco-friendly Practices

If you have been thinking of ways to reduce your carbon footprint, cycling to work will seriously reduce your fuel consumption, which is also much healthier. The hybrid mode allows you to take a rest whenever you wish, and after a while, most people only use the throttle mode for uphill climbs. You can, of course, keel the battery power for the odd occasion, and the bike itself is more than a match for any duration rider.

A single machine can be used for commuting in the week, and on the weekends, you can tour the countryside effortlessly, while exercising at the same time. If half the people who commute suddenly turned to cycling power, the decrease in fuel consumption would be dramatic.

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