Edward Bulmer

Master of Interiors

Edward Bulmer is an interior decorator, interior designer and architectural historian with a keen interest in eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable materials.

Early Days

Bulmer, who is the grandson of HP Bulmer of cider fame, undertook a degree in Art History and then joined David Mlinaric the celebrated interior decorator, assisting him in renovations at Althorp, the seat of Earl Spencer. In 1993 he established his own interior design practice specialising in the decoration and restoration of historic buildings. The practice has undertaken several prominent commissions including Goodwood House, Chequers and Hampton Court. In addition, Bulmer advised English Heritage on the redecoration of the Adam Library at Kenwood House. He was also responsible for designing the temple and urn at the Oval Pond memorial to Princess Diana at Althorp.

Fine Furniture

In conjunction with James Barrow, whom he met through a family connection, Edward later founded Bulmer & Barrow a furniture showroom offering high quality reproduction furniture. The company has an exclusive distribution deal with The Classic Chair Company for both their existing range and bespoke pieces. The showroom was initially based in Chelsea and had a slow start but after moving to Battersea, an area more synonymous with furniture, the company started to blossom.

Eco Materials

Bulmer has always had a passion for environmentally friendly materials. The aforementioned work on Goodwood House required the use of a specific type of natural paint. As result he learnt more about the dangers of conventional paint products and began to analyse so called eco paints, not all of which were entirely natural. He discovered Aglaia of Germany loving their natural paints but not their colours. In 2006 he launched his own range “Pots of Paint” which contain only natural and renewable raw materials. The base is produced by Aglaia with Bulmer adding the colours in the UK. The eco paint is supplied to the customer ready-mixed for interior and exterior use and is available in 50 colours. Colour has always been an important part of Bulmer’s work and he believes passionately that being “green” does not mean being dull.

Affordable Homes

In 2009 in response to the problems of young people establishing homes in their local area and in pursuit of his environmental ideals, Edward Bulmer started Seed Homes. The organisation designs and produces affordable home modules fashioned with sustainable natural materials for his local area in Herefordshire. The homes are constructed from softwood panels from locally sourced timber and are energy efficient and free from toxins.

Personal Life

Bulmer married his wife Emma in 1992. They purchased an historic Queen Anne house in Pembridge, Court of Noke, and carried on a family tradition by establishing an organic cider orchard in the grounds. The house was restored using only chemical-free materials inside and out and the couple are keen to spread their passion for the environment further with Emma saying “we are aiming one day to turn buildings in the farmsteads into an eco-centre where people can come and learn about the very best of sustainable building and design.”

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