Effective Customer Service Tips

The way many businesses deal with customers and customer complaints reflects the company itself and also holds much importance. Customers are your most vital asset; they can make or break your business. Some businesses engage in more customer service then others; these are the businesses that really need to be on top of their game. In this article we will provide you with some fundamental advice on how to deal with a customer complaint whether just starting out or have been doing so for years.

Some Customer Service Training


Your first step in customer service training ideas is to apologise for the problem and do so in a genuine manner. Customers want to know that their problems or issues are fully recognised and that the business is aware of the problem. When the business representative apologises genuinely, this means that they acknowledge the complaint and apologise for the inconvenience and problem.


A person in a customer service job needs to show the customer that they are actively listening to the complaint. Do not just hear but actually absorb what is being said. Many times customers are sent around to different departments and by the time they reach you, if you are not the first source, will be totally frustrated. Do not interrupt the client and rephrase what they have complained about so that they can see you have been listening tentatively to the issue at hand. This will make them feel valued and taken seriously.

Do not make excuses

If there is a customer complaint to be heard, then there obviously has been a problem or the customer is not satisfied. Do not make excuses. This is a fundamental point in customer service training. Customers do not want to hear excuses and they do not want to sit there while you pass the buck. Acknowledge the problem and deal with it instantly.


Ok, so the problem has been voiced. Your next step is to tackle the issue head on and offer a series of solutions. What is the problem? How will you fix it? And what measures will be taken to ensure it does not happen again.

Follow up

The last step in your customer service ideas is to make sure that you follow up after the issue has been heard and sorted out. Get into contact with the customer and follow up the issue. Are they happy with how the problem was handled and was the problem effectively rectified? This will also give you some insight into how better to handle problems, customer service issues and where you can improve.   

Jemma Scott is a freelance writer with an interest in business tips. Her inspiration came from her time in business space dealing with customer complaints.