Effects of Brain Injury on Your Life

Effects of Brain Injury on your Life

Brain is a symbol of sense and intelligence and it is highly sensitive, complex and important human organ. Human body cannot work if brain does not work properly. It is the reason that brain injury is considered as most serious type of injury. Even very slight injury to brain can harm whole person’s functioning system.  Damage to brain can lead to death, unconsciousness and other mental disorders. Disabilities associated with brain injury can have very serious effects on life of injured person and his family. This type of injury may result in permanent disturbance for person’s own life and for his family.

Causes of Brain Injury

Brain injury in result of external force is termed as Traumatic Brain Injury. Normally accidents of vehicle collision, whiplash, falls, sports injury and assaults are the common reasons behind traumatic brain injury.Bullet wounds and explosions can also result in traumatic brain injury. All such cases which

Effects of Brain Injury

Very serious and distressing consequences are seen in result of brain injury. Mild, moderate and severe injuries are observed depending on the intensity, type and location of injury. Different symptoms of brain injury are unconsciousness, hearing problems, lack of concentration and coordination, confused and distorted thoughts, difficulty in recalling past events and new information, headache, unclear vision, vomiting and nausea, ringing in ears and problem in speaking logically.

Person’s thinking, learning and remembering practices are disturbed due to the cognitive effects of brain injury. They feel difficulties in making decisions and giving attention to simple things.Inability to speak is another very serious problem. Disturbance in Communication skills can cause serious effects in his daily life.

Effects in Behavior

All the effects of brain injury are some times permanent and some times they change with recovery of person. We can see so many changes in daily life practices of a person who received brain injury in recent past or months before. Person suffering from brain injury feels tired and disturbed all the time, he also stays in state of anxiety and feels sad most of the time; such person can easily be frustrated and disappointed. It has seen that person with brain injury show very unusual sleeping patterns either sleeping for long time or not sleeping for long time. Person with brain injury also takes illegal drugs and heavy dosages of prescribed medicine. He tries to relive his unrest by smoking excessively and drinking alcohol more than usual. Such person acts as absent minded all the time.

Effects in Social Life

Social life of a person damages due to the brain injury. His all activities of domestic life, social functioning, personal relations, interrelated interactions and mobility reduce to very low level.Soon after the symptoms of brain injury appear t is important for the patients of brain injury and his family to consult the treatment and rehabilitation centers to cop up with the injury. It is evident that severity of injury and changes insocial life of personare directly proportional in case of brain injury patient. More severe is the injury more disturbing outcomes would occur related to social life. There may be a possibility of injured person to totally depend on his caregiver. These acute injuries are very harmful and some times results in loss of job for the patient.