8 Questions To Ask During Dating

This day, communication is still essential. People move fast and they don’t have the time to deal with so many complicated mess. During dating, there are a number of questions that we can ask to help us understand our partner better:

1. What would you choose during holiday – a trip to the Caribbean or go home? In the end, holiday is all about family and it is one of the rarest times when everyone finally has the time to be together. If our date says that he/she prefers to go home, then we could be seeing a family-oriented person.

2. If you win a lottery, how would spend the money? This is a good chance to understand his/her view about finances. Those who say that they’ll spend all the money for fun may not good with money management, while those who say that they will invest everything are probably money pinchers. It is probably more realistic if our date says that he/she will spend a third for fun and save the rest.

3. What would you do if your teenage daughter gets pregnant? This is obviously an unusual question and should be asked only if the couple is already reasonably comfortable with one another. The answer should tell us about our date’s ability to forgive and resolve problems.

4. Do you still talk with your exes? This will tell us whether our date is mature enough end a relationship in a good light. Exes can turn to be good friends because they know us more than even best friends. They’ll care about us and listen to us. Obviously, it depends on how we see it. We could feel jealous because they are once lovers.

5. Will you forgive those who are unfaithful? Our date may not find it easy to answer such a question. However it is a very valid question, because this commonly happen in many failing relationships. This could reveal much about the character of our date. He/she may choose the path of forgiveness, but we should know that no one is perfect.

6. What three things you wish to have if you are stranded in an island? This is one of those fund questions to ask during a date, but this tells us what’s important for our date. If our date says that he/she wants pen, journal and musical instruments than perhaps we are seeing someone who loves to write and listen to music. If he/she says smartphone and solar-cell, then we can expect that his/her life is surrounded by electronic gadgets.

7. If you have a few weeks to live, what would you do? There a few possible answers for this. Somewhat religious people will say that they will make peace with God, while others will say that they will do good things to others around them. People with carefree lifestyle may want to have a lot of fun during these times.

8. Would you rather be blind or deaf? This could tell a lot whether the person is an audio or visual person. But, many people are more likely to say that they rather to be deaf.